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Angelman Syndrome

With recent developments in medical science, there are many genetic diseases that come from the knowledge of doctors and health experts. This is a genetic disease caused by errors in chromosome 15, Angelman syndrome. Scientists and researchers have proposed different methods to cure this disease, but until now no drug is supported by factual evidence and results. Angelman syndrome is known to jerks and good prospects to induce in a person. Therefore the disease as "Puppet Happy" is known. And 'changed its name after researchers Angelman Henry, who is credited with understanding and fixing the symptoms associated with genetic abnormalities.

Because of the problems associated with the development of genetic structure in the first year is the Angelman syndrome are not detected or confirmed at the time of birth or even children. For six years show that 57 years the most common age at which most children start with clear symptoms of the disease. Again, Angelman syndrome is a disease that is well understood, and this is the main reason why the state has confirmed when the parents have read or may be seen in a number of other children with their own eyes. Many symptoms can with Angelman syndrome in children, which they are associated. The sad thing is that some of the symptoms of sleep for a long time, and appears only at a certain age, which is the recognition of Angelman syndrome, a difficult task.

Scientists and doctors confirm the specific symptoms that may be associated with the syndrome in most patients. This may include jerky movements, irregular movements of the body, speech disorder, and hyperactive behavior in children. In addition to the common phenomenon, more or less everywhere, there are other symptoms that can not save at first sight. This can lead to the development, EEG abnormalities and the baby's head growth, seizures, and many others. All surfaces of the symptoms before the age of three suffer from this disease in children.

Since there is no good way to prevent or stop the healing of diseases found, is not consolidation or prevent genetic diseases. The steps of the target curative and preventive measures to the problem at hand and helps balance and gait. This is accomplished through the use of aids and physiotherapy. Evaluate the ability to speak the right language is at an early age, helping the child, provided much well can be important. Much information, assistance and support of a wide range of community groups and parents of children suffering from this condition are looking for support.

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