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Anna Hazare

 Mahatma Gandhi is known worldwide as a pioneer in the movement against violence. Gandhi revolutionary idea, to defeat your opponent without weapons. He began a hunger strike and even swore a lot, not income, to help equip Britain. And finally, after years of drudgery, left the British Empire in India defeat. Recently, a man named Anna Hazar, the same methods to address various problems in modern India. Hazar Earlier, in 1990 increased compared to alcohol, unnecessary suffering. In the village he lived in a time when the step to ban all alcohol.

Hazar has in the past ten years on various topics, but recently started getting a lot of fame. He began to fight corruption in India. Corruption in India is a major problem for decades. It is a known fact that many officials and employees to daily life in addition to their salaries with bribes. These range from the local police to the highest political level.

Hazar had a hunger strike, and the peace march, which began to draw attention to this problem. The poor in India is one of the most suffer from corruption, because they lack money for bribes. Thanks to the rich or the difference between classes. Hazar is on hunger strike and was completed in the past 12 months threatens health.

Hazar fans gave him a new pulse oximeter to monitor his health. Pulse oximeter, which is also known as pulse ox, is a medical device for blood oxygen saturation and heart rate measured against individuals. Since Hazar in and out of prison, and not always have access to medical care is pulse oximeter showed a good tool for him to be. It is small enough to be around, and runs on standard batteries.

Many fans like to meet Hazar health insurance, because success depends on the movement, he continued to stimulate growth. Pulse Oximeter can be as small unit, but gives him the ability to communicate with the doctor without leaving the house.

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