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Canon EOS

With the recent introduction of the Canon EOS 7D, the company's most popular cameras, Canon has once again leading position in high-end DSLR category. This model is intended to replace the EOS 50D. As we all know the new model usually means an increase of the old and the 7D is certainly different with the rules.

My Canon 7D reviews will show some additional features that make headlines with the demands of advanced photographers. Like all people who know how to use the DSLR upgrade, can be very difficult to find information about the characteristics and personal experiences with some models.

Using a special machine you can often get a better picture, with a regular series. Although most of the SLR cameras have the automatic loading of images, in fact, seems to have Canon DSLR with manual control and 7D is no exception. Canon designed this camera with nearly every specific need of an experienced photographer. As a result, there are a lot of different camera functions. What makes the price of the Canon 7D, better yet, give a lot for your money.

Many reviews I've read so far, has always been the ability to adjust focus more precisely mentioned. The photographers the flexibility of the system, which offers 19 points of intersection of AF, which means able to shoot with great precision. A large sensor allows the camera images in detail, so that each image to turn even more spectacular than ever. It 'very simple, the default, select the camera with the included and you can also at least three different settings.

A review Canon 7D never without mention of screen size and resolution to complete. Canon 7D has 3 "LCD screen and surprisingly, the old model look a little 'smaller. The camera has 18.0 megapixel camera is great. The picture quality of this device is excellent and the sharper, because the sensor is size of the model also offers self-cleaning. Every time the camera turned on or off. Vibrates quickly to remove dust from the lens. You can disable this feature if you want.

Canon 7D need a CF card or Compact Flash memory cards and is compatible with micro-drive, which leaves you with many options. As you can see, this is a dream camera for professionals! And 'in direct competition with Nikon and Sony DSLRs. So, this camera is not at the lower end of the DSLR price range. These are the best players for the professional and the price accordingly. The production quality is excellent, which means that it is not easy. Surely you do not want to hang around his neck for a long time. The frame is made of lightweight magnesium drive, and the camera is built to withstand water and dust. However, if you need professional results, this may be the best option for you that the price of the Canon 7D provides the best results in this category.

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