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hurricanes Irene

East Coast of the United States is no stranger to hurricanes, but not an expert. Countries in the Caribbean to know the procedure very well how to prepare for the worst in terms of hurricanes, but some East Coast states that are not clear. Hurricane Irene is currently between 2 and Category 3 storm with wind speeds ranging from 110 miles per hour. When moving around the Caribbean, Hurricane Irene left a lot of damage. Now, Irene is a path on the east coast of USA. Possible Irene hit the east coast is relatively high, as many countries have already declared emergency. These countries are Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. By declaring a state of emergency, the state opening of certain funds and procedures.

When Irene storm makes its way to the East Coast, many people prepare. This also applies to the purchase of various goods, from the water flash. Generator sales and air explosively. Medical equipment is also high on the list of priority topics. Medical equipment list is the pulse oximeter. Pulse Oximeter, also known as pulse ox, is a medical device used for oxygen saturation and heart rate of the individual. People with respiratory illnesses to buy a finger pulse oximeter, so they can monitor their oxygen. People usually go to a local clinic for reading. A modern pulse oximeter for people to make their measurements at home or because it is small and compact. The cost is very reasonable oximeter was also compared with only five years ago. As their popularity grows, prices fall.

Pulse Oximeter stop hurricanes Irene, or even slower, but not thousands of people with respiratory problems to the peace of mind that their own oxygen to monitor the hard times. Irene storm reports indicate that this may be one of the worst storms of the east coast is seen in more than half a century. Americans began to evacuate thousands of people from coastal towns and villages. East Coast, I hope that Irene is silent with regard to the weakened economy.

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