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I studied national or international flags and banners that the last time and this is above the national flag of India, which attracted my attention more. Belle of the other flags flying objects seen around the flagpole and international institutions, embassies and consulates, except in India.

Especially in Europe, many tricolor flags hoisted as the national or international. Belgium, France and Germany tricolor flags fly species, both with vertical or horizontal stripes. Tricolor India also shows the green (top), white and saffron, which is a golden yellow tone.

The first flag of India on the yard is back in s-40 of the 20 Th centuries represented, resulting in a relatively new flag. It 'was officially adopted by the Constituent Assembly in 1947. Interestingly, banner design is based on and similar to the flag of Indian National Congress.

It 'was the same year (1947), it was decided that the' British Indian Empire. "After this event, the Muslim-majority areas, which are divided into a unique form of land, also known as" Pakistan "is known in our time. In January 1950 India became a republic and then a new constitution came into force, in which India was founded as a democratic state.

Mahatma Gandhi was the first flag of the Indian National Congress in the third decade of the 20 st century has suggested. Flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya product. Gandhi was presented the original design included only two colors: red, which symbolizes the Hindu, and green for the Muslims. In the middle of a spinning wheel of traditional design of the flag is displayed, with the objective, independent Gandhi the Indian people, producing their clothes. The design adapted for a long time after the horizontal band of white at the center of other religious communities, but also the background for spinning have been cited. Shortly after, in order to avoid sectarian associations with the colors of the flag saffron, white and green horizontal stripes with three, and ordered the same size.

India, like other countries in the world, keeping the flag code. Thus the Indian flag on the flagpole at half mast as a form of mourning will be flown. The final decision to do this is with the country's president, who also decides the period of mourning. If this flag will be flown at half-mast from the yard, it must first be hoisted to the tree and then slowly lower. Only the Indian flag was flown at half-mast during national mourning, while other national and regional flags remain at normal height.

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