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The Kung Fu Masters and Their Movies Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee

When we talk about kung fu, Bruce Lee is a teacher can not forget. There's a magical world using Kung Fu. Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, United States, it was because he was so weak when he was young, and his father sent him to learn Tai Chi, when he was seven.

He studied different types of Kung Fu. Then he creates his own brand of style. After the news that China was a girl of four gangsters stuck without a gun, his name known to all Americans to save the night. Since then, the stars famous Super Friends. In early 1970, the kung fu films in the world to spread. Bruce Lee was the representative and his name is known to all. After the first "China Mountain Big Brother" movie, "Fist of Fury" movie with Bruce fame to do great. In "Fist of Fury," the courage and the actions praised by all highly qualified.

In addition to Bruce Lee, is another popular Chinese Kung Fu star Jackie Chan, who is loved by everyone. Similar to the image presented to the audience of hard-Lee, Chan has used the power of life. Unlike Lee, the movies, Chan will be dropped by enemies and pained expression.

Jackie Chan's style of humor in his films, to resist. At first he followed the style of the hard man of Bruce Lee, his films are not successful. In 1978, in "Shadow Eagle" movies, has created the "kung fu comedy," could be a symbol of the unique style of comedy, acrobatics and affinity effects. Since then, his films, "Rumble in the Bronx", "First Strike", "Thunderbolt", and "Mr Nice Guy" was a success in America, and his first Hollywood movie "Rush Hour" fame has helped to win.

"S" Hollywood Reporter "published May 6, 1997 the following words, which many praise Jackie Chan:" Superstar Goes to Hollywood, or better to say that Hollywood is Jackie Chan.”

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