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Lil' Wayne So Popular

One of the most popular music was hip hop or rap music for several years. With the popularity of Lil Wayne and many other hot-selling hip-hop rap artist is here to stay. Artists such as Lil Wayne 1000 search every day and every sentence as "word, Lil Wayne." Like rap music is so popular? What is hip hop anyway? How to get to the point where something like "word, Lil Wayne," get more than 1.5 million searches a broader per month?

Hip Hop actually refers to a form of ethnic urban lifestyle. This lifestyle is associated with different musical styles in the city, especially rap. Although Hip Hop music has a certain shape or style is very basic, but improvisation and melodic style, as many freestyle "rap" fast-talking, and that's anthem. Singing is not limited and can be used. This is where rappers and DJs to add their personal touch and "feel" for their music and choreography are often included. These dance routines to dance.

DJs and rappers often appear in the "Battle", where they play rap obviously practices apply to all other rappers to do that in this process, look better. Rapper is not only a musician who uses this technique. I remember the video of Michael Jackson's "Beat It". This is definitely a return to "dozens" of urban form of entertainment from the past. Here you can talk to friends or enemies, and others trying to laugh. We've all seen on television and in movies. This is an important subject in the old TV shows like "Jefferson" and "What Happened"

Rap and hip-hop culture began in early 1970 for development. I would say that the year 1974, rap was born. Gil Scott Heron began to artists, record music that speaks with a funky urban beats. The first rap album that is actually the "first minute New Day" by Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson from 1974. Talk to Gil and Brian soon followed by others, or "rap" even though the Jazz with similar Rahsaan Roland Kirk in 1975. He noted that "theme Eulipions" where the singer sings songs spoke. Then slowly, the movement grew, especially in the Bronx, New York. People began to listen to a boombox in the streets and dance. Big players, portable stereo boombox. On cassette tape recorder and radio in one. The bigger the better!

It was not long before the Hip Hop culture began to emerge. This is different than talking and way of dressing, lifestyle. It is a global movement can not be stopped one day at a time. Now, after rapper Lil Wayne to do more songs like Straight and 3000 people a day search on Google for "Lil Wayne on the right of the text." Today's big stars like Kanye West and Lil Wayne was on the shoulders of people like Gil Scott Heron. Lil Wayne and Kanye on the hip-hop are now a shield is very popular. Gil Scott Heron is an American rapper, hip hop, rap or pop or name, is a big difference.

One of the things that hip-hop and rap is growing so fast, and are made from all over the world, some of the movies on hip-hop and rap. There are many movies and more space for several years. This is hip-hop as "Running Man" and "cabbage" to be included in the main dance culture. There is a "Soul Train", popular television shows for decades, that people grow and develop to what we see today will help.

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