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london riots

If we're in London recently a profound effect on Riots destroy almost all the people ask, we would be able to respond as follows.

Reported visual drama on TV and other news services around our basic fears and concerns.
We wonder what to do if we get caught in a similar event occurs.
We can imagine, seeing how such a disturbance in locations where we were going to be.
We can think about what a new beginning for us, build a new life as the destruction is exposed.

Suddenly we realize that, if involved in a major event like the riots in London, all the security measures we take to drain our communities and our homes, irrelevant, useless and can not help. If we are lucky there will be far, far away from this place, at least until the action is hot.

As if the great tsunami, Natural Force Majeure disability, it is remarkable, no occupation.

This reminds us of scenes from the war as a normal life and civil, which must be available and protected, and where we are, without thinking used temporarily suspended and anything can happen.

Unfortunately there is no way out, destructive events can be almost anywhere. If the government can not provide, how can ordinary people? But two conclusions to be drawn from a distance watching the events.

First, the occurrences of such damage outbreak of violence there to discourage use what we know from long experience. That is, we must implement the best of our ability to exploit all possible means and methods to protect our homes from burglary and theft, even if we accept that in very rare, but they are inevitably limited use.

Secondly, even in an emergency and can not be avoided, we need a contingency plan for a thorough and complete, how can we do to the most likely time for a new and active life to recover, albeit more limited now our chance.

Perhaps this lesson to inspire us to open with the best of our friends and neighbors, and look around to see if we can help people less fortunate or less willing to work with the neighbors we can get what they should have the right under the law. Perhaps we can learn less able to best use their limited resources.

Maybe we can help them express their grievances and their needs for the Deaf and the authorities. We can find a way to stories of people's lives is hard to find in hopes of bringing a person or department that is able to help. Especially young people should be helped to find their way into their lives, to the best of their ability to build to find.

The small number of actions believed to be a good attitude can provide a positive incentive to build a better society, away from the climate of violence in London to generate.

People are not willing or efforts to the communities in which they live do to improve, but to himself, partly responsible for anti-social behavior of a segment of people with a deep hatred and unfulfilled expectations. to pursue social work in good faith with the public service (not against) can not help but happen to positive results.

Elijah E. Levi is a retired engineer with many years of experience in various sectors. After retiring from over 40 years in the service sector, has started a new business on the Internet as a tool to reach a wide audience to disseminate knowledge and know-how.

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