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Mark Duggan

Recently, the United Kingdom, a series of riots, mostly populated by young seen. The first is the cost of lessons addressed, and now that occurred after the tragic death of Mark Duggan.

Perhaps, and I stress the word "may", the first took to the streets to protest the shooting, instead of waiting for the results of the study. It is impossible; however, that the violence actually obscures what should be a hot topic front page will be ignored. If they did, because they have pushed the cause of the legitimate concerns of the cover into place.

But what on earth are so and behavioral signs of life in Britain today?

For some people living in England is very difficult, we are in the midst of the recession, not only financial calculations, long time and we have the Scottish shutters and find your way back to financial balance. The problem is that the British economy, some consumers and consumer groups (for example) did not go shopping; I do not remember when the stores are so empty on Saturday.

This makes life very difficult to explain too many people said it increasingly difficult for many people, but frankly, not disorders.

You see, like most countries of the world, Britain is not a high-income countries. We have 6% or more above us and something good, get in the top five figures, but basically we are what we have always been - people do their best work to keep the wolf from the door.

In the centuries that we are the nation, and similarities with other countries in the same way we always do with our lives and we are less of a country that is bad. We are people who usually complain, you accept our financial situation and rarely too loud. We certainly do not revolt.

But earlier this year, we have excesses of young people because they do not go to college, something almost unthinkable in my youth and certainly unthinkable in my old age. "Well, I got news for them, and I speak from experience as a mature student a diploma is all you can to get your job, only you can do.

Yes, we are a society that worships the title, but he never stopped, some of our most successful entrepreneurs and it will not stop. Who are you and what you find, you're the only one that creates success. The completion is just a piece of paper if you do not have the willpower.

Another thing that the British do not and very rarely is addressed, loot and destroy private and public property. We are not a nation. We are a nation of 55 million inhabitants and only a few thousand people are very little in riots, looting and destruction.

I can not help feeling that they themselves in the foot as well. Local businesses create jobs for young people in these areas are involved in the event that worried? How much goes to jail or be punished by a fine, and for what? I'm not even sure they know.

We had some battles in 1980 and in 1990, and the only conclusion that came after was the same conclusion I have reached. Anger, the child, perhaps alcohol and drugs are involved, with a big spoon in the "joy" of course included.

Young people in this country have no right to that anger. The difficult times we felt among the poor compared to the suffering that many people tickled. Even in America some years ago, people walk away and leave their homes because they could not pay their debts and pay. Previously this was not bad for us, and we are very happy indeed.

Yes, it's bad for some, and it's disgusting, a major in the United Kingdom and disorders, but they are not something to change their lives.

The riots, which have made their fortunes. Frankly, I would put them in prison, I sent them as an aid to Africa and see if it stills the same as a child dies in his arms and they are powerless to do anything. It will hurt more and more potential. I shudder to think about the lessons they learn in prison.

Yes, we have social problems. English is not the best thing since sliced bread, is a land like no other things to do in most people simply do their best. Could be improved? Sure he can. We are still luckier than many people? We're safe.

However, there is a way to help our young people, and it is erased from our minds the idea that the only bachelor is your "someone" to make and return to the days of owning experience. We are able to shed some 'training on the job as well.

In fact, the results achieved in a time of a module, and you can change the title to get to work with a little 'in the evening and weekend studies. I rarely University for more than two days of the week, I spent much time in the library or wait for the next class.

Let's get real and stop setting goals to reach our young people can not. They feel appreciated and less chance of riots.

As in the riots, things are much more difficult Standard English in this country than it is today and the Spirit is to put together, to pack up and go to work.

We try to encourage young people to find that spirit again, as on him in prison and more difficult to recognize as harmful, and how happy they are helping, a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

But let's say one thing to keep in perspective. This is a very rare event in the life and dreams and the United Kingdom that we have a large number of young people who have no involvement in the incident last week to comply. In general, a young person in England is something that is very proud and should be respected as such.

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