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meteor shower

Eta Aqua scratch meteor shower was first isolated (and remember the events of orbitals) in 1870, when Lieutenant-Colonel GL Tupman to observe while you sail around the Mediterranean. Catalogued as an astronomical observation of the era, and described, it was not until William Herschel in the bathroom, to strengthen the recent death of Comet Haley (and orbit of Earth), bathroom with comet Halley bound in 1876.

When you see meteor showers today as then, you see, apparently from a hidden place in heaven, says, beaming. Bright Star, ETA Eta Aqua scratches near Aquarius, and vary in size from 5 to 7 degrees in the form of celestial mechanics. Meteor across the sky from a point in space near the star, after the pathway that produces to get back to basics.

As the Earth orbits the sun appears, and meteors in the corner, slipped a few degrees each night, movement in general and eastward along the ecliptic (in the south of the northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere to the north.).

A unique aspect of Eta Aqua scratch is that they can be easily seen from the southern hemisphere, this began a lack of recognition for their comments by mid-1920 when Australia and New Zealand amateur astronomers to track. In most years, Aqua Grundrisse peak around May or June, with around 30 meteors per hour at the top of the southern hemisphere and around half the people looked to the north of the equator. (The reason is that heavens meteors radiating from the sky over the southern hemisphere.) Estimated maximum 15-20/hr rules for the northern hemisphere and our happiness in the southern hemisphere 35/hour morning 5th and 6 May! Activities for 2011 Maped yet.

Most places meteor shower of gravel and sand left over from the comet nucleus when the sun goes down. Note that the tail of a comet always point to the sun, and this is where the "train" of gravel and sand. You can use the elliptical orbit Comet Haley's mind is filled with sun, while the group of sand and dust, all moving at the speed of their work for decades, and this road turns into soil, and ultimately the Earth through this debris. If this happens, the impact on the atmosphere and burn.

If you are willing to stay up late (or early start), it is a show with the naked eye observation. They have the best view of about 3-5 hours. If you've just typed exciting hobby of observing the night sky, it's a good start. An object that are bright, the air move, and requires only the naked eye. More than a few visible scratches left a half-second or longer, and especially so visible. Eta Aqua Layouts, such as swimming, her sister, Orionid shower in October (from Haley's Comet) is one of the annual rainfall, it is better to see the southern hemisphere, where they are in heaven. Compared with Leonid and Geminid, which is much more visible, observers in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you get something that came from heaven to worry, you should! But it will not meteor shower. Great danger lies in earth asteroid Apophis as above (but it's a story for another day). If the earth some 14 million tons of dust rose rapidly in a year, a large crowd when it comes to quantity in the earth's atmosphere compared ignored.

What is potentially interesting that some people say, seeding building blocks of life came from rapid dust, this part of the theory of "panspermia" by Sir Fred Hoyle. Although not widely marketed as organic astrology is not totally excluded. Of course, both the vacuum chamber into the Van Allen belts, and the last 1000 degree temperatures to survive defeat atmosphere that can be very durable and probably everything in the league on the floor. On the other hand, is good fodder for science fiction, especially here in Australia, where our experience with invasive species are so colorful.

All that said, you need to get up and enjoy the show, the biggest challenge probably going to awaken in the morning cold air! But I found a good meteor shower as Aqua scratch ETA worth.

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