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ramadan 2011

Islam, Ramadan is an event in the ninth month of Islam. There are Muslims who live around the world, but their religion is rather complicated. For this reason, many people does the world not know much about Islam and Muslims celebrate this event and wondered when Ramadhan in 2011.

When Ramadan in 2011? Ramadan usually lasts 29 to 30 days and 2011 is no different. In 2011 Ramadan will take place from August 1 last year and goes until Aug. 29. It is also known as the Islamic fasting month and all practicing Muslims abstain from food and drink for the entire month.

The start of Ramadan will vary from previous years and come in subsequent years. When Ramadan begins, depends on the moon, and when you arrive at some point in the sky. It can be seen with the naked eye because of this, the start time may vary some from state to state. These changes have a more accurate estimate at this point, the differences with the experiments presented revised, may occur in the months to avoid. There are many countries around the world that the Muslims and the fastest time for all their needs are the same.

There are many things to go during Ramadan. In general, all Muslims fast, which means they eat or drink. Fasting is really happening during the day. During the hours of fasting, Muslims are likely to be due to their god Allah supported and encouraged to pray more often than usual. Muslims use this time to reflect on their lives and how they change their lives positively. During this time, the temptation to Muslims.

Ramadan is an event that takes place each year for all practicing Muslims. Muslims, for even more young people attend the event. After a Muslim influence of puberty, usually at an age when you start exercise of Ramadan. During this time, all attention turned to God to strengthen their spiritual bond. Friends and family should also strengthen this relationship and concentrated. Ramadan is a time of reflection on the body and mind and fined ways of being and acting positively.

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