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Steve Jobs Apple iPhone 5

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just resigned due to health problems a secret. While this is bad news for some people this may facilitate a quick official announcement of the iPhone fifth we look smartphone discussed earlier than expected.

Former CEO falls on the 24th August Wednesday. This is a sign that the former home of the work will meet next week to officially announce their new phones. It may not affect the company's strategy. But it can affect the perception of Apple products.

To create a piece of bad news appeals, the house is now Cook is some good news to announce as soon as possible. Direct attention to bad news by releasing something that people hope for the typical public relations strategy. The most likely bad news disappears over the weekend. Early next week, expect the news to the introduction of printing. When good news came to mind, we can not think of anything else, but the publication of the fifth generation of IOS-powered phone.

The former CEO is sick from the beginning of this year. It is very likely that Labour will have news of his resignation the previous version. But work is the PR team probably advised him to postpone the launch until the end of the fifth Apple iPhone, this could be part of a strategy for telephone discussion last action CEO.

If we return to the past products that Steve Jobs will always come first. Although liver and pancreatic cancer, was always good for presentation of products like the iPhone 2nd It would not surprise me if we see, now chairman of the company's Cupertino scene once again necessary to introduce Apple's new iPhone fifth

Looking at another angle, we can see, Tim Cook took center stage to introduce a new smartphone. It may also be part of the strategy for the new managing director debut. This is an attempt to show that Cook was more than capable with new responsibilities.

Regardless of the theories and strategies on the bottom line is that we are finally the most awaited mobile phones in the world has ever seen. Steve Jobs is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook is the center of attention, we finally get our hands on the iPhone quickly 5th

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