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What's in Store Now Harry Potter Is No More?

With seven books, eight films, and this is the end of Harry Potter? The fans when he left the theater with tears running down their faces and shoulders hung. But the story will live like JK Rowling, as it is called, is to give more to the fans, by the exchange of other material, they do not, in a book.

JK Rowling is one smart cookie knows that their fans are still hungry and still want more, so he made pretty Beyond Potter, Potter more. In recent years he has worked on a new online experience to build. Free website exciting online experience around reading the Harry Potter books. It is very intelligent, promises a great deal of new material not previously published and reveal to the world of Harry Potter. A lot of material in books and movies ever made than this vain, he is good at using the paths. This is what the fans want.

The evolution of the site will show the facts and information about small details that the fans deserve a drink. There are details such as the importance of the differences in the forest, at the time of writing of the staff thought it would be interesting. Fortunately, all his notes over the years and this page from time to time, indicating it is brilliant!

This site is designed as a place of stories to share with your friends on a journey through the design of the site. It opened its first million users, is absolutely correct on July 31 is the birthday of Harry. Comprehensive introduction to all users found in this month of October. In addition, the site allows fans wait ebook version of the story of Harry Potter to get.

But expect more. Hundreds of fan sites pop up everywhere and it is proving very popular with more than two million registered users. This site is a place where you can recover your Potter.

Fans should not only mourn the loss of the Potter, for there are many attractions and places the phenomenon of the Harry Potter movies. Thanks to the fans refused to the end of Harry Potter and JK Rowling, Potter, Potter would never accept-no-more.

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