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It is strange to speak of "jubilee" 10 9.11, because we have no real closure. Each of us harbor discomfort in the lower part of our existence, which already stands at the event.

We know that despite billions of dollars on defense, security and war reparations was a particular Sunday, not just Sunday, September 11, 2011, or on any day in this matter can be even more daunting.

9 / 11 that it would not see the existence of a new global reality, Americans. But we changed the world come to our room TV on 9 / 11 10 years after our healing before. Fear speculators took advantage of this opportunity to threaten our freedom in ways that do not believe even now.

But America was created out of chaos, when "everything falls apart." Each generation has a clear face of chaos and his own need for regeneration. The most obvious is the war, but the economic recession and depression have the same properties as their own suffering, which has fought for the right of many of our citizens. It is up to us to our country into chaos.

Instinct many of fundamentalism, both religious and political, hoping that they can put things back, was, as were agreed to. And they were willing to put a lot of work. The only way out is over, and we work hard as our fathers and mothers, the essence of what our ancestors left us in the history of the United States to.

It is the unconscious forces that operate worldwide. Call it a desire for freedom of the human soul. The United States has long been the strength of incarnation, and the majority of Americans also believe that it will last forever. We were wrong! We are proud of our national achievements. We were not aware that most people who have nowhere near the level of our freedom. We see it as their problem.

Another knows what many Americans that the United States under international policy, which has its own countrymen, which prevents them helped to fulfill their potential in the same human spirit of freedom. So the U.S. becomes an obstacle to achieving conservation objectives for many others around the world.

What we need is a place of knowledge "Arab spring" that man's soul is finally live. U.S. policy is still not able to hurt us more than good as others think.

It seems to me that what 9 / 11 we said clearly that the human species gradually became one, not a perfect separation, perhaps, but where we connect with each other respect. The American Founders knew instinctively the Latin words "E Pluribus Unum" as our national motto. This means that "many, one."

We have the power, is regarded as a simple idea, which evolved in North America over the past 400 years. Countries with different views on race, religion, political philosophy, finance skills, national origins and cultural backgrounds are full, our strength, and our fate is to it. U.S. has evolved from our diversity - we have good ideas from each group, while rejecting the bad thoughts that sometimes occurs in each group.

We brought prosperity for most Americans, even though most of the rest of the world that live without electricity. We must change our concept of humanity as a whole, when our grandchildren will live in peace.

9 / 11 and still good, about what comes next prove that our fate and destiny of humanity is irrevocably linked. If there is an allusion to the days that we had to give, whether that is inevitable at this link.

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