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Battlefield 3 Classes

New classes in Battlefield 3 is composed of seven classes in Battlefield 2 And Battlefield 2, you have a medical quality, but it is almost never used, mainly because it will prevent any additional points for their work and not enough weapons to be. Class of attacks is now a new doctor and includes new features, where you can remove your defibrillator, and added a grenade launcher used in previous FPS stedet.I as Black Ops and Bad Company 2 when you can have a player has to be increased again up to you and players, whether they like it or not. In Battlefield 2, players can choose whether it is a revival or not, it allows them to change classes, this function returns to Battlefield 3 will be accommodated.

Support classes can further ammunition for players who need it, and as in previous Battlefield games, heavy weapons as PKM, which has the ammunition and weapons package is more than conventional guns.

Class’s engineers have the same features in Battlefield 3, in the company, Bad 2 anti-tank equipment and the ability to repair vehicles do. Recon is a new sniper rifle classes, teams work on them as a selfish player to cut the enemy from a distance, but not enough information in this class yet.

Battlefield 3 is at the forefront of these forces in Battlefield 2 and fourths of the team is really important for leaders to stay alive, and your team will support the process to finish.

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baster said... on 

I think EA has also said it is going on the "offense" in regards to its marketing on Battlefield 3, saying that it started its campaign early to establish a "beachhead" write custom paper

dissertation help uk said... on 

if honestly, I like original version, it's still rulez!! not prefer all these innovations


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