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Galaxy Samsung Ace

Galaxy Samsung Ace is a telephone, access to the segment just below the offer with Samsung. This is a segment that really has not been studied companies, but begins with the launch of Ace Galaxy. This phone is Samsung has the appearance of S, and a number of features, but costs the same as the top model. This is the main reason for this phone very interesting.

Samsung comes with a bright screen is smaller than the Galaxy, but it would be very difficult to notice this because the difference is only 0.5 cm. Samsung Ace will use a 3.5 inch screen instead of the 4-inch units used in the Galaxy S. This is certainly not a great difference between the two screens and also the same case with the resolution. Galaxy will be in a position resolution of 320 x 480 pixel screens, a speed resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which focuses on meeting the Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung comes with 158 megabytes of internal memory in the region. It is by far the amount of memory needed for the amount of elements on the phone to achieve. That's why he gave this Samsung phone with expandable memory. This will be possible using an external memory card into the phone. Holes in the phone and the other will be able to add up to 32 GB with this process. Galaxy comes with a built-in media player, which is one of the best in its class. This will not only be able to range from MP3 format to MP4, but also a large amount of bandwidth to recognize. It is very difficult to get built-in Media Player, which can recognize many variations.

Samsung Ace Media Player is so good that it will not be necessary to obtain third-party applications for video playback. Loading multimedia files in a large memory from Samsung Ace Galaxy is one of the simplest tasks. This is because of connectivity options, starting with people who micro-USB and Bluetooth in the bottom of the DLNA, and 3G frequencies at the upper end of the spectrum. The fact that Ace is powered by Galaxy 1350 mAh battery which is very suitable for work entertaining you. Galaxy Ace Samsung will begin within a few months in England.

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