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Google Wallet

I chat online blogger and yesterday we got to live discussed the latest baby Google - Google Wallet.

"Tap, pay and stick to it.

A few thousand years, changed the way we pay only three times, from coins, paper money, and then a plastic card.

Now we are on the verge of another big shift. “

So Google's vision for mobile applications.

Google Wallet is a mobile application that really turns your phone into a wallet for sale.

Google's launch should be a way to go shopping very pleasant for business, especially for consumers. From the consumer's payment easier, and the merchant or business should end "events, discounts and promotions as coupons and loyalty programs is now easy to facilitate. Credit cards can also be put in the future to imagine that Google and boarding pass tickets, ID and keys can even be stored on it!

Currently, Google is still a field study in the U.S. and in collaboration with Citi, MasterCard, Sprint and First Data, as well as several retailers. Hoping that it will be officially launched in the summer.

It combines the NFC communication or in a nearby field with what they say PN65, paired with the NFC chip safety feature. No need to rub.

Does it only work in two very simple steps:

1st Look at the Google wallet or MasterCard PayPass symbol on the box office?

2nd And, simply press the phone to a reader!

Voila! The payment was processed and made smooth without using a credit card.

Well, you have at hand; Google is the new market as if it was something revolutionary, when in fact it is not entirely alien concept at all. I think the reason why Google has partnered with MasterCard to this effort is that the intercepts used to pay wireless credit card instead of pushing cards (MasterCard PayPass concept).

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