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Help Save Troy Davis Georgia Death Row Inmate Unjustly Convicted

On 17 05th 10.00 bis 2008, 2:00 pm used to duel to the state capital in Georgia immediately request that the Georgia Board of grace and power guard Troy Davis, a man on death row, which may very well be to defend the innocent.

We are confident Troy Davis is innocent? No problem. The question is,

we are confident Troy Davis is guilty?

The answer to this question is clear: No, we're not.

And when a person is dead when he found the real killer, you say?

"Oh, we're a mistake," and we'll bring back Troy Davis?

No, once dead, Troy Davis is dead, and we can not go back and say that we were wrong.

Why do you think that Troy Davis is innocent?

Since the conviction was not based on physical evidence. Murder weapon, for example, was never found.

In 1991, convicted Troy Davis, a black man on Death Row and the murder of a white police officer in Savannah. The conviction was the testimony of nine witnesses.

Seven of these witnesses withdrew or changed their stories since, and one of the witnesses to be the real killer, according to testimony from the same witnesses.

Witnesses said that police put under pressure to testify against Troy Davis. Each of these statements by another witness:

"[The police] told me that AMD for murder. I would go to jail for a long time. I was only sixteen, and so was the fear of prison."

"After the police talked with me, she gave me a statement and told me to sign it. I wrote it. I did not read it because I can not read ... I have no idea what the person is an officer shot looks like."

"The thing is, Troy never told me anything about it. I'm tired of them bothering me ... I told him that Troy did it, but it was not true."

"It was and is no doubt in my mind that the person who shot the officer a gun and shoot left-handed." Davis is right-handed.

"People said street talking about Sylvester Coles blades engage a policeman, and so one day I asked him. Sylvester Coles me he shot the policeman."

"I am convinced that it was the Red [Coles], who shot a policeman ... [he] was wearing a white shirt. I testified about it, but I was not asked the state attorney or Troy."

Sylvester (Red) Coles, one of the original witnesses against Troy Davis, who was implicated in the affidavits from nine witnesses.

Why Troy Davis remains on death row?

The recent sharp decline in Georgia resources for legal defense and changes in the law the death penalty, it is very difficult to build an effective defense. Recently, two lawyers representing Davis have 160 people on death row himself. The fight against terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which was adopted in 1996, an increase in assessment constraints. So far, no court is also in the event that new evidence heard.

The death penalty should be used only when irrefutable evidence of iron close, if any. Troy Davis, when executed, the victim of lack of money and unjust laws.

If you want help, you can visit the Action Center at Amnesty International to learn more and sign the petition and move freely distributed to write this article, or have their own articles, because most people know about this case.

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