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The Industrial Revolution and Thomas Edison

Industrial Revolution affected the whole society. No bullet fired in this revolution, but the patent granted for large brains. Instead of covering the UPS, new ideas are discovered. Instead of Jihad, the bravest inventor who built, and the fight against sleep, go to late night hours to accumulate knowledge about valuable coins. El-pear is an important driving force behind the industrial revolution because without their creators still burning Midnight Oil, literally. There will never be late at night, quite frankly the most progressive day without electric light bulbs.

Thomas Edison is a fan of this type at night. She loves coffee and sanctitude weak. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution change was recorded in England. Instead of being in London or in big cities, but in nature. Work is usually given to animals that are now made true guzzling machine. Before the industrial revolution, agricultural revolution. Manufacture of textiles and textile products must be completely mechanical. Techniques achieved in the purification of iron. With thermal coal is now in high demand. Machines can now get people from one place to another, as trans-continental railroad.

As a result of improved procedures for manufacturing and agriculture is the way people work, is also changing. The company was so great that the owners sell their company. Investors bought this in hopes that this trade will continue to grow and be rewarded for their investment. Finally, the first small business, a company engaged in various areas.

The Industrial Revolution changed the way people live at home too. The whole family moved to town to get closer to the device and potentially higher paying job market. From the outset, because the conditions for the working poor are crowded into apartments and are content with little or no sanitation services exist. The disease is a widespread problem. Living in urban areas, causing people to the new working class. Middle-class families to fill in the suburbs. Men go to work and women stayed at home. Children simple education and growth of their parents. In the evening the family sat in the living room and listen to the radio address the President. Radio, which was built by Thomas Edison technology.

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