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Lucky Tips on Choosing Your Leathers

Believe it or not, Union and Confederate soldiers used the same skin.

You can too!

1. If you plan to do to the U.S. Army bought the entire skin.

2. For the Confederacy, you can also buy American skin. The federal government can buy a black skin.

3. I do not like leather or natural tan. I just feel that it is more common in black. But it's a personal decision.

4. You can also reduce the puppy's own rope belt around his own. Contact me for a consultation and I'll help you.

5. Buckles U.S. Georgia, the frame is a good buckle that your skin is after shaking and very individual.

6. Tongs, Fork, Snake Buckle Type British Army - I've found that vibrate. I would stay away from them. Even when they went on and off quickly, and need only a few holes that are still vibrating.

7. I use roller buckles. Do not let the modern stainless steel they use for weightlifting belt, you'll see.

8. Do not use a dual role buckle. - I've never seen the sun so as always, I recommend a solid general - nice and simple. You can do things that are unpaved.

9. Give yourself some money on what you need. Maryland and other states oval buckles are not recommended, because in my idea and the spread and reduce the owner's hard to get in and out.

10. All other general buckles. My recommendation would be part of Georgia.

11. I was lucky, some good old clip once found in Amish country, from a company that has existed for 80 years before it was purchased and the present owners around 80 years.

12. Looking for the goods and I'm sure I'm not a good role buckle. Some of the "painted" - it just means that they are painted black. They are so good, but I can not with them.

13. As I mentioned, the roots around the antique shops and flea markets. They are a gold mine for Civil War uniform products at low prices!

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These tips will help you a detailed impression and save time and money in the process! You do not spend much money, show a good impression, and uniform civil war, how!

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