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Miss Universe

Osmel Sousa
Did you know that Miss Venezuela President Be bold Sousa's most successful national director of the History of MU. 1981, 1986, 1996, 2007 and 2008: During his presidency, Venezuela won five international titles. Sousa young career received a major boost in 1981 when his students won the Miss Universe and Miss World titles. In July 1981, Irene Saez finished first in the MU victory in New York in support of the global title, Venezuela lost May 1980, when Maya Brandt was eliminated in the first round in Seoul, South Korea.

Leon Uris (Author)
did you know that the 24th MU in El Salvador, American writer Leon Uris, international arbitration in July 1975.

Did you know in the 80 years, Texas had more titles than any other state in the USA Miss USA. Texas records obtained five straight U.S. Miss Universe titles in 1985 and 1989.

Ines Ligrón
He was crowned Did you know, under the leadership Ines Ligrón, an expert on Miss Universe, Miss Japan, Riyo Mori, MU 2007 in Mexico City. It is the Japanese equivalent of Sousa Be bold.

Augusto Pinochet
Did you know during a visit to Santiago de Chile in late 1970 MU, Maritza Sayalero, congratulations Augusto Pinochet, head of state in Chile.

Margaret Gardini
Surprising was Miss South Africa, Margaret Gardini, named as the MU in Mexico. Gardini triumph was all the more surprising because it was one of the few countries in SA, in hapenned racist politics. They won the favorite, Hawaii and Peru, Olga Roxana Judy Andersen Zumaran.

Nadia Comaneci (Athletes)
If you are Romanian Nadia Comaneci-born - the world's best athletes in the 2O century was one of the international judges in 1990. She was the first Romanian in the international jury at the Miss Universe 57-year history.

Stefania Fernandez
Did you know Stefania Fernandez won heroine who defended her title won in MU Venezuela Vietnam in 2008.

Miss Universe Creed
Did you know MU's credo: "We take as representatives of countries in the world Miss Universe beauty contest in the struggle for peace, justice and mutual understanding as we solemnly ideals of justice, friendship and goodwill in the business population in the universe."

Anita Horta Torrijos
Nice-known Panamanian politician, Anina Horta Torrijos, Panama, Miss Universe, eliminated in first round in the middle of the 1970th

25th Birthday
Did you celebrate the 25th Birthday Miss Universe in July 1977, more than 45 participants traveled to New York in America.

Did you take part in Poland was the only communist nation in 1950.

Oscar de la Renta (fashion designer)
did you know that Canada was born Oscar de la Renta, one of the judges in July 1977. Celebrated around the world can find their designers all over the world, including Hong Kong, Bali and Australia.

Alejandro Guevara Onofre: freelance writer. Alejandro is the author of several articles / essays by more than 220 countries and dependencies (and American countries as well), ecology, history, tourism and national heroes, Olympic sports, foreign and wildlife. He also published several books on women's rights, including "The History of Women in America" and "Famous Americans."

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