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obama speech

If you've heard or read the speech of President Obama to school for children from 8 September, then you are motivated and optimistic about your future or your child.

It is you who must undergo additional training, or just want to see your child well, there are some lessons to work and ideas in the minds of speech too controversial to make, but the high president said.

One of the best parts of speech is when Obama says:
"Whether you are my life - I guarantee that you have to do training, so you want to become a doctor or teacher, or police you nurse or an architect, lawyer and member of our military to you. Need good education for each of their careers ".

So what is it that Obama wants? Some important points to the following address:

1.Encourage students of all ages to succeed in every task and topic.
2. Motivate and benefit from teaching.
3. To reduce the number of falls from high school must be as high as 30% in some areas.
4. To get more people to school, to some extent the requirements of jobs with high salaries and remuneration.
5. To see people that education is the key to a happy, fulfilling and successful lives.

Whether you are an adult or student should be inspiring speeches and his message to motivate you to go out and achieve their dreams - whatever they may be.

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His speeches are always so impressive sounds!! It makes me feel patriothic you know ;)


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