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Reagan Library Republican Debate

Republican debate at Reagan library is quite interesting. This is the first debate on the new Pioneer Rick Perry and child care, what warms up quickly! What happened? Who will it cost? Who won?

They begin in the first 10 minutes of debate, the battle between the new and former candidate, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney to fly. Another rushed back and forth on his record of job creation, it seems that Perry was one of Romney on the exchange, but Romney explained later that the difference between Texas and Massachusetts record is so great that Perry may be less a product that is always product of Texas was located. This argument seems to hold ground, but very detail oriented, and unfortunately, apparently at the forefront of many voters.

One thing that surprised me was the emergence of Jon Huntsman, how much more value than I originally thought. Hunter did everything that the battle between the two candidates to compare their performance in Utah for adoption in Texas and Massachusetts, and serves as a candidate with a much milder view. He does his best to make points against the discussion, and each argument proved a capable leader. I was surprised because before that debate, it seemed that only a fly on the wall, with no hope of getting traction. Last night proved a much more viable as a candidate. Unfortunately, with the more moderate candidate to succeed his chances of winning when the appointment of primary voters are even more biased, right and wrong, as usual, at best, minimal.

Herman Cain Another surprising new tax plans (I missed it when it was announced on Labor Day is known) was. Call 9-9-9 plan, a plan that would replace the existing tax legislation with nine percent of corporate income tax, nine percent tax on personal income and nine percent VAT. It was surprising to me because Cain has always been adamant supporters of the FairTax. I'm not sure if this means that no longer supports the FairTax. I think that his advisers told him that he needs his own plans and do not plan already exists. I run the numbers 9-9-9 plan to determine whether it would collect enough revenue to see. It seems as if it was for a flat tax in half, about 17% of all revenue, and the FairTax, which is 23% of total sales.

Regardless, I believe that the best and perhaps only way out of this mess is the fundamental tax reform. Whether it is a flat tax or FairTax plan Cain 9-9-9, I can support either one. The main point is that the tax reforms, the Supervisory Board and any modifications to the existing tax code swept.

The last thing that is clear to me is the debate on the rules Perry girls must be vaccinated for HPV. Almost everyone on stage, came with a mandate Perry, both how it is done (the means of regulation), and social impacts. In what was a rare moment in the debate, it appears Mitt Romney agreed with Perry on the needs of the project, said: "heart in the right place," though he has to do with the order wrong way to go about reflection.

For me this is another case of GOP anti-science. Perry said: "I hate cancer, cervical cancer caused by HPV." It is a scientific fact, but on many pages that are not important. Since HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, is the claim that vaccination against HPV gives green light for a young girl who is now OK to have sex. For me it is a leap year. If we have a campaign to vaccinate against HPV, which we do, diseases like smallpox and polio, the incidence of cervical cancer are almost certainly more than 70% are caused by HPV. Just another example of how the Republican stance on social issues in the way of science.

Finally, I must say that the winner of Romney and Huntsman. Unfortunately, I think that Huntsman is to get the Republican nomination for the medium, but life is Stranger than Fiction Times. I will say that Perry lost the debate. In fact, in the first half of the debate looked pretty good. Towards the end, but began to stumble and lose concentration. So I would say that is not lost, but winning. Although Cain was 9-9-9 with a new tax plan that could help, I certainly, I do not think he has enough support to gain traction. Everyone on stage, including Michele Bachmann seems a reflection both during and after the debate. It is those who came this time.

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