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The Top 25 NCAA Football Rankings Going Into Spring Training

25.Michigan Wolf - they finished last season with a record 7-6 After the defeat in the Gator bowl at Mississippi State and lost its head coach Rich Rodriguez that they are ready for the new year with new head coach, Brady Hoke. Wolves hope to turn quickly, how to coach Hoke power and Ball State and San Diego State. Hokes coach for the 2011 season, the first task is to improve the Wolverine defense. They finished the season ranked 108th In 2010,

24.Auburn Tigers - Yes, it's true, it ended last year with a perfect 14 and 0 record, won the national championship, so why should, and organizes them so low? If both Cam Newton and Nick Fairley as the NFL draft in 2011 schools that lost their two best players at once. During the two bad losses, Auburn more to worry about. They also lost four offensive linemen, including all SEC center Ryan Pugh and All-American Lee Ziemba back to overcome. Tiger ends with a class 3 Number of recruitment for next year, which is heavy on the offensive line, these new players are young and inexperienced.

23. Virginia Tech Hoki - finishing last season with a 11-3 record and 16 place in the BCS. Hoki lost three of their best offensive player, Tyrode Taylor, Darren Evans and Ryan Williams. Losing people is also good news on the horizon hoki. Compared with their new quarterback Logan Thomas is with Cam Newton and David Wilson will help mitigate the loss of both Evans and Williams. They also have four seniors back on the offensive line and seven starters back on defense. Hoki to be strong this year in the ACC.

22.Georgia Bulldogs - They finished the season unranked with a 6-7 record. Lost AJ Green, but they returned defenseman Aaron Murray is the real deal. He completed his last season passes more than 3,000 yards including 28 touchdowns. On 14th Instead of force around, and all in his first year. Cam and Ryan moved into the NFL draft Aaron potential to be the best QB in the SEC. Georgia has also recruited Isaiah Crowell, one of the best running backs in the country, which is much more dangerous for their competition.

21. Arkansas Razorbacks - 2011 period, so it goes 12 with 10.3 and attitude. Do you have Prince Davis When she returned, which may be one of the nation's best, but also lost quarterback Ryan Mallett is on the ground, and hopes to shoot in the NFL? This step allows Tyler Wilson to fill the void. The key for the 2011 season with the Razorback defense. They have eight starters back on the Razorbacks up help. With all these talents, have a very tough program in the toughest conference, why are they located where they are now.

20. Florida Gators - finished last season with a 8-5 record and was unranked in the BCS. They have a bad season last year, though it can not guarantee rankings, come and live in Florida. Mass, their abilities and offensive system under new leadership, offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. Hope is more in line with what players have implanted a spear attack Urban Meyer. This season is, or which John Brantley to adapt to the new offense is broken.

19. Nebraska Cornhusker - finished 20th with a 10-4 record position in the BCS. This year marks the first season in the Big Ten Cornhusker. The big question is how in the future such a tough conference games at home, including a struggling Ohio State, Iowa and Michigan. Not to mention fashion games against Wisconsin and Penn State. So far about who will lead the team in quarterback position is still in the air. Fortunately, two new students, Bubba Starling and Jamal Turner, who could compete for the starting position.

18.Notre Dame fighting Irish - unranked in the final BCS with a record of 8-5 people who know how to go about season 2011th Prediction that the season will be a good start, but eventually left to fight the Irish fans disappointed. There is a silver lining in dark cloud on the horizon that seems to hang in the head, the New Ireland coach Brian Kelly. During his coaching years at Cincinnati, Kelly, showed consistent improvements in recent years. I hope this is the same for Ireland. Michael Floyd suspension damper put on the 2011 Irish season. They see in their victory over Miami in the Sun Bowl and finish the 2010 season well with four wins in a row. Ireland is also nine offensive and eight defensive starters back for the season beginning the 2011th

17.West Virginia mountaineers - Participants who have not finished 2010 with a 9-4 record this season, but promised to change. When she came back Noel Devine lost in the offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen Oklahoma State Cowboys. Fund stunning attacks, affective development Cowboys. With a combination of Geno Smith as quarterback with around 2400 yards and his 24 goals and gave coach Holgorsen climbers attack, observation possible team.

16.Mississippi State Bulldogs - 9-4 Season record of the 15th BCS This is much better in a period that anyone ever imagined, thanks to Mullen and head coach until the end. Coach Mullen Bulldog program turned faster than expected. Not much is expected from the Bulldogs in 2010, but thanks to their new coach, that ends with a successful season, the BCS ranking and dramatic victory over Michigan State in the Gator bowl. Bulldogs average 215 yards per game and rushing with 7 starters back on both sides of the 2011 season looks good.

15.Michigan State Spartans - finished last season ranked 14th place in the BCS and a record 11-2 season, they are far from well. They finished the season with a dramatic decline in Alabama in the Capital One Bowl. On the other hand, just lost two key defensive players, Greg Jones and Eric Gordon. Their quarterback Kirk Cousins is back and many say is undervalued, and two great running backs, Edwin Baker and Bell Le'Veon. With the combination of returning players, the Spartans have one of the best offenses in the Big Ten. It follows that the more difficult period before the Lady with a road game against Ohio, Nebraska, Iowa and Norte.

14. TCU Horned Frogs - to end the season with a perfect record and finished second in the BCS TCU has a great year. You # 1 ranked defense in 2010 and is expected to be good in the top ranking this season. TCU will face challenges in 2011 will lose some key players. Specifically, quarterback Andy Dalton, four years begins. They also lost star running back Jimmy Young, Jeremy Kerley. This season the Horned Frog Only 10 starters return must be new, but they have great strength in the mountains to the west.

13. Wisconsin Badger - 2010 season so that the record of 11-2 and seventh in the BCS ranking. With the loss of midfielder Scott Tolzien, offensive linemen gift Caria and John Moffitt, running back John Clay and JJ Watt defensive end in 2011, could be difficult period. Fortunately for them, the Wisconsin running backs Monte ball and James White and the realignment is one of the best running backs in the country. They also have a favorable schedule this year, only four matches in the right direction.

12. South Carolina gamecocks - No. 22 in BCS and ends with 9-5 records in hopes of fighting roosters’ stronger season in 2011. They have a good chance to return to this point with their two offensive stars. Running back and wide receiver Marcus Lattimore Alshon Jeffery, roosters fighting an SEC, if not the nation’s most explosive offenses. The big question, it seems that Steve Spurrier is set as a quarterback. Whether Conner Shaw and Stephen Garcia. Obviously nobody knew until now. Not only lost quarterback problems with some key players on the defense to compete. All these components make the team interesting to watch the fight roosters in 2011 followed.

11.Missouri Tigers - 2010 period are ranked 18th in the BCS and finished with a record of 10-3 Tigre are good. With the departure of QB Blaine Gabbert, 2011 Tigre, when he came into the NFL draft, it is difficult to replace his production in the near future. In good, but has 10 starters back for the 2011 season, so no new quarterback James Franklin and the Tyler Gabbert (Blaine's brother) will have the experience behind him, to show them the ropes. Among the violations receiver TJ Moe back and tight end Michael Egnew is "the best hunting permits for tight end in college football" is.

10.Boise State Broncos - After finishing the season ninth in the BCS with a 12-1 record at Boise State moving in the mountains to the west. In the past it was the Mountain West Conference heavier than the WAC and the conference can be the Broncos a better chance, either in their efforts to another BCS bowl game or allow them to fail, more clearly illuminated. Even with the loss of Austin Pettis and Titus Young, when they came into the NFL draft 2011 Broncos a wonderful blessing for many violations have partial return of Kellen Moore and Doug Martin. The report said that the Broncos do not want to get into the department must achieve this season.

9. Oklahoma State Cowboys - 02.11 Exit 13 in season 2010-BCS, Cowboys ready for the 2011 season ranked back even stronger. Both Justin and Brandon Weed Blackmon decided to start a new season, the Cowboys back in a good position to succeed. The combination of these two key players could return in attack around the nation's # 2 and # 3 score the Cowboys offense is a force to be reckoned with. Even with the loss of offensive coordinator Dan Holgorson OSU Cowboys have enough talent and experience to do what must be 12 to success in Big.

8. Stanford Cardinal - The Cardinal finished the season 12-1 and landed fourth place in the BCS rankings in 2010. Andrew Luck decided to return for another great season for the Cardinals and the loss of Coach Jim Harbaugh has to be facilitated by the arrival of David Shaw. This is good news. The bad news is that the Cardinals to replace the three start the offense, seven on defense. Thanks are to recruit the top and the weak Pac-10 still have a good season.

7. Ohio Buckeyes - by the end of 2010 with a 12-1 record after ranking fourth in the BCS, Buckeyes are good. Because its football, we talk about Ohio, I know two things, both the defense and the talent there. Unfortunately for the Buckeyes is Terrell Pryor bouquet Devi and several other key players in the first five games, lost due to suspension. Fortunately, the first part of the Buckeye season is easier than in the second half. If the Buckeyes can survive the first five games without key players, could see another Big Ten title.

6. Texas A & M Aggies - Finishing 2010 with a 9-4 record and ranked 19th in the BCS, the Aggies hope for a little more in 2011. Cyrus Gray, Jeff Fuller and Aggie are back in season total of 10 offensive starters, including quarterback Ryan Tannehill like. On the defensive side of the return is relatively intact, only to lose Miller. Aggies will be a key match at home against Oklahoma State Oklahoma on the road. Depending on how it is within two games of the man decides Aggie season total.

5.LSU Tigers - 2010 brings 12-1 record and BCS ranking eighth on the LSU Tigers lost only three players, Patrick Peterson, Kelvin Sheppard and Drake Nevin, the three big losses for the Tigers, most of their top Back key on both sides of the line. With the addition of offensive coordinator Steve Crow Thorpe as a pledge to do boring LSU offense.

4. Florida State Seminoles - it ended with a 10-4 record and BCS ranking 17 With 18 starters back, nine on each side of the line and one of the top recruiting classes, the Seminoles in a good position to have a great year. The biggest question is whether EJ Manuel will decide to increase production and replace Christian reflection on the previous year. If the Seminoles will be on the track season for the 2011th Florida Americans have a favorable ACC schedule, to prevent Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and North Carolina. If you can exclude Oklahoma, September 17, had a legitimate chance to win a national title.

3. Oregon Ducks - by the end of 2010 with a 12-1 record and ranked third on the Ducks in the BCS looks strong. Returning Darron Thomas and James LaMichael no reason to expect major changes in their offense scored one of 2010. They lost their two top wide receivers and three offensive linemen in time, it means that sinks the offense may not be as strong as last year. Oregon will face the biggest problem is the loss of several defensive players, including Casey Matthews. LSU season against Oregon sets the tone for the season.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide - The Tide ended the 2010 season with a 10-3 record and ranked 10th in the BCS. While they lost Marcell Darius, Mark Ingram, Julio Jones and Greg McElroy, still heavy with talent. Crimson Tide was not so much a question of whether to improve players, but who fills the big shoes left behind. When AJ McCarron played the caliber of the Alabama McElroy favorite to win the national championship.

1. Oklahoma earlier - when to end the BCS rank 6, 12-2 season 2011 season could be theirs. They have 18 starters back, including Landry Jones and Travis Ryan Broyles Lewis in attack and defense. In addition, the back 29 players who started at least one game for his college career on both sides of the ball. With all the talent and experience of Jones still Heisman Trophy season and earlier to get rid of Florida State Road 17 in September.

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