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U.S. Open

U.S. Open is the second of four annual major championships in golf, both PGA and European Tour, presented by the United States Golf Association each year in mid-June, placing in the final stage, held the third Sunday of the month (Fathers Day), unless further delays. Tournaments each year, broadcast on NBC and ESPN and ESPN ten tons groups also offer coverage through the point where the U.S. Open.

U.S. Open first appeared in 1895, long-day 36-hole tournament at nine-hole course at Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island. This year, participants of the tournament consist of ten professional and amateur golfers. 21 years, was Horace Rawlins won the first in England in United States history, is open. British golfer to win every tournament until 1911 for the American golfer named John J. McDemott broke the series; start a new trend, with players from the United States dominates the price for each year of the sample. Only six countries outside the U.S. won the U.S. Open since 1950, led by South Africa, with five victories since 1965. Winners from other countries since 1950 were players from New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, England and Argentina.

There are various ways in which the player will be able to compete for the U.S. Open Golf Trophy each year. There are no restrictions on age or sex of the feasibility of the U.S. Open. To be eligible to participate in the U.S. Open as one of 156 players, the players must be professional in sports, or current USGA handicap index of 1.4 or less an amateur or success in the competition to qualify for the tournament. Players who also participate fully exempt from qualification under seventeen categories of exemption may be fully integrated:

-U.S. Open in the last ten years
-After evaluation as one of the top fifteen players at the U.S. Open years ago
-After winning one of three other golf majors (Masters Tournament, Open Championship and PGA Championship) for the last five years
-in the 31st The PGA Tour Money List last year
- In the fifteen EU funds on the list of the Tour last year, or
-one of the top fifty in the Official Journal of the World Golf Ranking at least two weeks before the tournament

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