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Apple iPhone 4 8GB to Join iPhone 5 Release

It seems to be like the British mobile market, there is a cheaper version than 8 gigabytes iPhone 4 released soon for those with a limited budget but want iconic iPhone in your pocket.

Join the 4 and 8 GB iPhone 16gb 32gb model only offers an internal memory capacity is smaller in all the important features that have made such as mobile phones like iPhone 4

To perform the same experience with Apple when they first released the latest generation of model 4, the company once their joint release of 3G iPhone 16 GB and 8 gigabytes 32 gigabytes versions of older models, and it is still sold today.

It seems that the only fair in a difficult economic situation for the brand Apple iPhone for customers as possible, and if it means less scope for reducing costs, but argues that the unique design and functionality that will not be any wiser if it is taken from his own pocket .

8 gigabytes 4 iPhone almost two sources confirmed Reuters know, there's a new model is now lower in the Korean production company which is not known, and that the new medium in a few weeks after the start states.

According to the release of five of the 21 iPhone rumors in October, after the fourth incident will be announced in October, a new model of iPhone more affordable four music to the ears of many parents for Christmas, because the device is Apple's entry into "A lot of Christmas wish lists.

There is also a rumor 4S iPhone soon, said little to reduce the current model, we believe that they can share no space for two units lower price range and more likely that Apple will release the fifth generation 8 gigabytes iPhone mobile phone is cheaper with the new fourth

new iPhone 5 is a better camera 5.0 megapixel and 8.0 megapixel camera features touch screen, larger, re-design of the antenna and slimmer form factor as a whole as the compete for the "world's slimmest smartphone" Apple is the name of the Samsung S2 galaxies today .

Apple is rumored to be promoted to the next production model of two producers, Hon Hai and PEGATRON, prepared with orders from around 45 million units at launch.

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