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Can Herman Cain Win the Nomination and Beat Obama in 2012?

There are more people in the Republican Party, Herman Cain can get the Republican nomination and went on to win elections faith. His final numbers are very surprising poll! He left no virtual only a month ago that the best candidate since sliced bread! His poll numbers raise much more substance than Rick Perry surges, because Cain is gaining momentum.

Perry felt the day, just because it is a conservative candidate who lost the GOP race. Conservatives know that it is much more conservative than Mitt Romney, and the people around him started. People outside of Texas know him only from the perspective of the media on him. Perry enjoys great popularity until they attended their first debate.

After debate, the GOP realize many people began to Perry is on the job. While Perry flounder, Herman Cain took a chance and show America why we should vote for him!

Cain showed that the ability to debate against President Obama, not because of who will discuss important. Obama showed in the 2008 election, which has great charisma in the foreground, so the GOP needs someone who can claim the right to qualification against Obama in 2012, naming it.

As to the question may be Herman Cain won the nomination in 2012, is, I think it has a very good shot at victory. Recent polls show that he was tied with Perry second, and some polls show him race even began. Florida straw vote the first real sign that the Tories ready for new and different.

Overall I think it is a very good chance of winning the nomination Cain. If he wins the nomination, which I think is another question may be Herman Cain beat Obama in 2012? Many people do not think Cain can afford! President Obama's current president, who is quite capable of maintaining the discussion. He still has support from his base and he should have the support of liberal fanatics.

Despite his charisma, President Obama faces many challenges. Weakening economy and he tries to raise taxes for the rich. He still wants to spread the wealth around, but most countries do not seem to have a taste for today. His signature health care legislation is still very unpopular in many Americans, and many large companies exempted from the Act.

Herman Cain is a complete out of the political scene. He is an entrepreneur and understands the economic problems. He knows how to market as the best candidate. If he wins the nomination, will be able to get more support from black supporters. He understands why people do not work, and Cain was not afraid to speak his mind on any subject. He was not afraid to criticize Obama, and the race card is no doubt that Obama over Cain.

Herman Cain can get the nomination and beat Obama in 2012? I think he has a good chance of winning the Republican nomination, and has a greater chance of beating Obama. How bad is present voting GOP Obama would run against him, Donald Duck and still win!

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