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google update, update panda 6-okctober-2011

Difficulty keywords are an important concept in SEO (Search Engine). Its aim is to identify keywords that are in place to reach the first page positions on search engine results pages (SERPs) to achieve.

The author believes that the most effective parameters that can be used for Web pages PageRank keyword difficulty - a factor number 1 on Google. Moreover, Google claims that the home page of your website's biggest expert on all pages on the web. Therefore, web pages are displayed in the competition keywords to get support for a specified maximum PageRank 5 (# 2-factor in Google).

Keywords PageRank HomePage problems (HPR-KD) was calculated on the domains Google ( and, etc.). On Search Home PageRank for each of the 10 best Web sites for keywords such as # 2 finish. HPR-KD is the average of 10 web pages using keywords.

Google PageRank update on 18 Issued in January 2011 after a hiatus of nine months. Analysis of KD-HPR for a set of keywords to 31 December 2010 in 1000 was in the 24th repeated analysis in January 2011 in comparison. These keywords are derived from various uses SEO projects on topics such as health, holiday, design, websites and marketing, and all tests HPR Number of peer groups for the key word in 1000 to 31 December 2010 was 5,847 (an average of 5.8 - 2/3-6/8 range) and in January 5878 was 24 (on average 5.9 - 2 rows of 8 - 8.8). No change in HPR-197 KD keywords and no change in HPR-KD to 803 words. Significant changes in the HPR-KD is only 0.36.

It is noteworthy that HPR-KD-average for these keywords remains stable, despite the thousands of nine-month gap between supply Google PageRank update.

Recently, the HPR-CT on the same set of keywords as 1000 before the first update Panda (Analysis - 24 January 2011) and the latest Panda (July 5, 2011 - Analysis - July 15, 2011). Number of HPR-1000 Keywords KDS in January 5878 (the average is 5.9 - 08/2-8/8 range), and in July 5871 (an average of 5.9 - range 3.3 to 8, 0). Does not change the HPR-KD keyword keywords convert HPR 121-879 KD. A significant change in the HPR-CT was 0.36.

From the above analysis can be performed manually, which would be very time consuming. The authors use the keyword, it is difficult to analyze, and makes for a long list of keywords.

It has a PageRank update between the two analyses (January 2011 and July 2011) and was more than a panda update. Again, it should be noted that the average HPR-CT was stable these keywords thousand.

It is estimated that about 10% of the terrain is changing significantly in one direction or another in the next Panda receive SERP position. But it is clear that the main factor of eligibility for permanent placement on the site home page PageRank. With data in this study, it is not possible to determine which pages have fallen from the top ranking sites and those who have reached the first page position. But it is clear that those who had lost his position were replaced by an alternative site with similar HomePage PageRank.

Google SEO Revolution, with the approval of visitors, including web sites in the algorithm. First, the approval only measures the total value of back links to Web sites, such as PageRank.

Time on and restore "Panda" on the Google algorithms were introduced from March 2011 to backlinking more weight on different signaling the user's consent and restrict the area of artificial advantages. Panda, after the Google engineer who developed, combining machine learning called. In essence, the program signals to the labor market to identify and learn hard details View user approval or rejection. This led to an ongoing restructuring of the location of sites on Google SERPs.

Panda explore the number of user signals, including time spent on site, "jump" (the number of visitors who click on the failure of internal link to the website) and maybe even again. The consequences of information displayed on the page with the results of the analysis: Location on the results page will change after CTR.

In practice. Much small-HPR HPR KD KD value of 4.0 corresponds to the degree of difficulty of 5.0, whereas low key word is difficult. It is estimated the number of backlinks, average values for obtaining PageRank 4 2500, while for PageRank 5 70000th The relationship between PageRank and reverse exponential average PageRank 6 backlink to be 250 000 keywords HPR-KD of 5.5 or more out of reach for most locations.

SEO Panda How to respond?

Panda is in position for placement of high quality web sites "for improvement. Greater emphasis will be on great content, great presentation and attention to detail sets. It will contain fewer potential benefits for those who will participate in the strategy as a hustler who backlinking campaign. SEO, which is very good quality is advocated as a means to success should be encouraged. Find backlinks to increase PageRank, of course, remains an important part of SEO, but it must be approved techniques search link bait.

The aim of SEO is to maximize the number of new targeted visitors to your website. The starting point is the key word research is used to create a list of possible keywords; it is part of the targeted visitors that are available on the website with information. Niche keywords have the largest number of targeted visitors, which is a reasonable probability of the top positions in search engines and especially Google. Niche keywords are designated HPR-KD and found that well-known websites PageRank pages.

Matt Cutts, head of anti-spam Google, refers to the technique of "Katamari" for the development of local government in the Japanese game that began with a small object, and the role gradually increased to.

Developed with regard to the difficulty of key words and web sites around the alcove on the right keywords, the goal remains a slow start with the keyword "low hanging fruit" and gradually increase the PageRank HomePage naturally, so key words are better to come into play.

SEO should be seen to grow as an ever-expanding horizons for each body site.

It is important that the website, especially the home page that is optimized for a limited number of specialized keywords within reach. This makes it possible to find a web site and is collected for natural backlinks. Gradually HomePage PageRank will increase and more required keywords are within reach.

They were taken to view the PageRank of web pages requires a minimum home page, the top position for selected keywords in Google SERPS domains can be complied with. Owners of websites that are set for keywords that are beyond the reach of their web pages for keywords and authority to find their site optimization, at best, slow to develop.

A place that has only recently indexed HomePage PageRank 0, and is severely limited keywords that can successfully compete. Even if it is effective on the website, the boundaries will increase the No. 2 Experience has shown that for a brand new website, keywords, niche with HPR not more than 4.3 KD sought. The inner side of the new location, you can not get on the first page for each keyword, it is useful.

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