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steve jobs die due to cancer

To Steve Jobs of Apple has a long track has struggled in recent years health. After completion of the cancer that claimed the life of this great inventor. Many point out that recently, Jobs and thin and very weak. It was no surprise when he recently resigned as CEO of Apple. No one would estimate that in just one month, comes his battle with cancer at the young age of 56.

Apple computer store near complete bankruptcy proceedings, as well as Steve Jobs is probably the main brain computer revolution. When the company in 1984 in exile, turned the rudder, and Jobs is Apple changing the term today in fictitious. Overview of product development and absolute dominance in the field of marketing is something that no other company was able to achieve. Products like the iPhone MacBook, iPod and IPAD is nothing less than a slam dunk for Steve Jobs and Apple are developing a team. In one of the most competitive luxury industry is sophisticated electronics such as Apple's iconic status bar definitely built in the spirit of Steve.

Work has also served as one of the legendary success of Silicon Valley. After Apple started in a garage at the young age of 21 years, Steve is a surprising result. For 25 years he was a multimillionaire and managed to remove the cover of Time magazine the following year at the age of 26 years grace. For many it is a beacon of what is possible with the technology and dreams.

Many of Apple's Steve Jobs is described as one of the hardest working man. The work of legendary stop at nothing in pursuit of perfection. Number of rejection, which are intended for new versions of hardware products, such as the number of terminated employees. That is probably why Apple was able to produce some of the best desktop and laptop computers ever made, most of the problems, the best resale value. Steve Jobs is the inspiration will always be cemented in the history of many and his legacy.

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mensajes claro said... on 

Its really sad , Jobs Rest in peace.


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