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Using Tumblr to Expand Your Social Networking Presence

Now you are probably aware of Facebook, Twitter, and some of the largest blogging platform. If you have experience in the world of blogs and social networks, so your business can thrive, so you have enough time to study the major players. Although anyone can be successful for your company in the market of social networking giant, often able to feel crowded.

Other new platform slowly among young people about their place among the greats as a platform, a hybrid blog, part social networking tool. Tumblr platform.

With Tumblr, it's easy, images, videos, short reflection (la Twitter) send, and comes with a feature called "reblogging", which allows known long conversations and discussions. What to put on Tumblr is basically up to you, because the whole site is a platform like collage full of things that promote that interest you.

So how do you use Tumblr for your business?

The key to Tumblr is looking at content, and time you are ready, without whom this work as part of their social media strategy. Given many opportunities to use tumblr, some companies it is difficult to create in the center of attention. Here are some ways to help:

Content - For companies that have a problem finding a use for Tumblr, you can take it as a platform, you can physically do for your business without advertising. This allows you to work with the audience not only encourage people to visit their websites to interact with the benefits of its services. For example, if you are a source of health, with health tips tumblr, exercises, videos, talk about good health, must be filled out, etc. Let your tumblr, creative voice of your business.
Time Management - It is true that the Administration to take more than Tumblr Facebook or Twitter. Its simplicity is a big two social networks. Others will say that it is hard to generate traffic Tumblr, which applies only to measure the degree. But it depends on the content that you completed in accordance with and where you want. In addition, with this feature. Trailer at least find people who are really into what you are doing interest

This is the key to Tumblr full of people who are really interested in what you say. People looking for things that interest is not advertising. You can unknowingly bring people to your product or service in a fun and interesting materials, discussion quality, and generally "hip" presence. We are here for all consumers - would be all the greater to see what is on offer, the company, when you consider what is stated above?

Simple user interface and easy reservation is a modern new way to blog. This is as good as Twitter, but not limited to 140 characters. Facebook offers communication, but it does not look so sterile. Something major demographic spends more and more, and it only makes sense for companies to explore its potential in order.

Tumblr to get couples in the world of social media. Incidentally, all my Tumblr posts to Twitter, Facebook, and it is always much easier to integrate this platform into social networking strategy. Not to mention that it is SEO friendly.

Treat yourself to develop your company a new voice with a new audience. Of course, it is a leap of faith associated with Tumblr, but if done correctly, it is worth the risk.

Bill Balderaz is president and founder of webbed marketing, Internet marketing company with more than 40 customers, including several Fortune 500 companies. Bill talks a lot in social media, viral marketing and other industry topics and speakers for Word of Mouth Marketing Association Summit (womma) per year.

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