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The Walking Dead Review

In the last 10 years I was quite out of the loop in terms of maintaining an erection, expansion is always tough, vibrant contemporary popular television show. In fact, the last TV I watch faithfully Boy Meets World.

You have to love, call Mr. Feen.

But last fall, my attention was a good ball was gripped by relentless grip of a new TV show. Can I only base on an average 6.5 million viewers per episode to believe that this production of The Walking Dead, its range of fatal and not just in my life, but most of the other extended for one Sunday every week in the 2-month stretch?

What is this show that is so appealing?

Well, it's Zombie Panic! For starters, you generally can not go wrong with a television broadcast post-apocalyptic scenarios and cannibalism, especially when due to economic recession, and a lot of uncertainty and fear of future national and international level.

Sun with respect to the Walking Dead morbid charm of course cruelly known.

The main characters in the series, Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln were relatively unknown.

Grimes were the sheriff in Atlanta, which is in a coma after failing to finish the shootout with criminals. When awakened from a coma, he found himself stranded in a room in the hospital.

When he left prison, I saw chaos in the hospital. He quickly left the hospital and was lined with rows of bodies.

Everything changed for Rick Grimes. The world knew before the coma victims are undead Scourge sank, and his mission is his wife and son in the hope that the memory of the world now and again to find a calm and normal again.

This event is very different from the typical survival horror film that has the stomach for the past 20 years. There are several layers of character development and zombies serve as a basis for us to remind viewers of what is at stake for each character.

Unknown cast big budget action will attract the eyes more than a few skeptics, but in my opinion, this is the best way to keep attention focused on the story and not distract them from the on-screen presence.

Even with that said, the cast has more than his own, and offers great benefits and stirring in me a lot of empathy and understanding for their suffering.

So what are you waiting for? Try it!

In the quest for 411 of your favorite show, AMC Walking Dead? Visit the Walking Dead, all the information you need to have the impression that the zombies.

We provide news, current information on interviews with actors, and our own piece of mind to the results that show changes as a whole, or just zombie-reflective objects, fun and stimulating.

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