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Apple iPad 3 could make a breakthrough in the world's largest PC of 2012

Currently, the world's second largest vendor of personal computers, Apple saw its market share to 15 percent Jump in only 9 percent last year. This growth is largely due to strong demand for monitors, which Canalys sees as a personal computer.
But in the fourth quarter shipments monitors in the U.S. may have hit the fire Kindle Amazon and Barnes & Noble's corner tablet that has a launch consumer-friendly price. As a result, says Canalys, Apple, HP and Duke at first place in the quarter, but Apple eventually grab the lead after three iPad debuts next year.
Rival tablet makers are still trying to compete with Apple, and many are beginning to get hints by selling the equipment at lower prices. Debut Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, will help Android developers are finally pushing suppliers existing smartphone applications to run on the tablet. But the timing of the updated Android operating system is not ideal, says Canalys.

Most of the tablets sold during the Christmas shopping season is still a sport version of Android 3.x Android, and it was not known for rapid update cycle. Savvy consumers expect, equipped with ice cream sandwich may actually defer purchases until next year when the latest version of Android is becoming more widespread.
In 2011, global PC sales should reach 415 million, 15 percent gain from last year, primarily due to higher sales of tablets. Total tablet shipments are expected to hit fifty-nine million for the full year, of which 22 million in the fourth quarter, says Canalys.
Notebook sales also provided support for the PC market this year, with total deliveries should reach 211 million, 10 percent gain from last year. Ultra textbooks, which are thin, lightweight, powerful laptops, could boost sales over the laptop in the next five years. But Canalys believes prices would have to crawl sharply.

"The cheapest models are currently around $ 900, the real obstacle to the introduction of mass consumption," Canalys analyst Michael Kauh said in a statement. "More and more manufacturers adopt the ultra book design, component costs and consumer prices decline at this point reached."

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