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Girls' Generation Hits the Charts

SNSD, Korea and national No. 1 girl group is top notch from the GOM TV charts. Their single "Gee" was the biggest hit of 10 million hits, followed by the last single with the group "Tell Mr. wishes (gin) with 4,000,000 visitors, followed by G-Dragon with 3,000,000 hits. Currently, the group preparing for their next album will be released in late October and early November.

Although many intrigues of the past year, the group had the best return ever for this is catchy single "Gee" also led the development of "colored skinny jeans," "crab legs dance" and "Gee" symbol. Their second single, "Tell me your wish (gin), with the image of a sailor produces a large quantity. Primarily for the military cover to commemorate the World War II. The hack-sack dance and its" legs raising dance. "Girls show a more mature image than their previous singles.

Gee became the longest running song on and offline. 8 weeks on-line graphs and 9 weeks in the bank and KNS Music album have sold almost 200,000 sales. Their second album has sold almost a mini 200.000.Dívka groups have an opportunity rarest group, because ordinary girl group reach the standards of sales 100,000, except when their seniors SES was still active in the KPOP. Girls Generation is now considered the most influential, powerful, attractive, talented and the best girl group. There are plans for a group to go abroad, but it must be confirmed first.

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