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Namibia =Top 5 Things to See

Namibia is a country with such a large selection of road salt and a dash of orange sand dunes, abundant wildlife and a fascinating cultural history, but it has something to please everyone. Although I have identified five amazing attractions below, there are many others who could easily be on the list!


Amazing salt and clay pot surrounded by huge sand dunes in Namibia are synonymous. There is much to discover here, but emphasizes that looking at the sunrise over Sossusvlei, climbing Dune 45 and became entranced desolate landscape of the Dead Vlei.

Etosha National Park

One of the largest reserves of Africa, Etosha National Park is home to an amazing variety of species including the famous "Big 5". Spend the day riding in the park looking for rhino, lion, elephant, buffalo and hippos and your evening sipping cocktails overlooking the lighted ponds cold. Remember to keep the camera at the ready!

Damaraland Desert Elephants

In the harsh climate in Damaraland, with the availability of food and water is very rarely have elephants adapted so that it can handle these conditions. You should consider yourself very happy when you look at these beautiful desert elephants that are considered high national and international protection priorities.


Famous Bushman rock art at Twyfelfontein was designated as a heritage. I thought to be about 6,000 years’ old rock paintings and petroglyphs can be found here give a glimpse into the past. Visiting the area with a local guide will give you more insight into the history and culture in San people. Visitor Center provides additional information about the flora and fauna in this area.

Cape Cross

The seal colony at Cape Cross is a sizzling range of subjects, both large and small. Southern tip of Africa is the only place in the world where you will find Cape fur seals. Cape Cross is home to the largest breeding colony, were more than 200,000 seals seen here in some cases. Mating takes place during October cubs born at the end of the year. A wooden walkway gives visitors a chance to carefully look at these amazing creatures. You can spend hours watching them dive into the water and bask on the rocks. It is worth noting that the seals come with a slightly pungent odor!

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