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Alec Baldwin's Parental Alienation Impacts

When you hear the term parental alienation can conjure images and headlines for Alec Baldwin and his "thoughtless little pig 'rant to his 11-year-old daughter with an answering machine? What are some of the unintended consequences of the eruption Baldwin? To begin, put parental alienation to the card. When he was released by the volcanic tirade of threats and insults, Alec Baldwin interview the likes of David Letterman, Rosie O'Donnell, Barbara Walters, Time Magazine, etc. to explain itself and describe the circumstances that led him to such a level of anger and frustration. The Universe in a Nutshell ... father was desperate sense eventually suffer severe Parental alienation syndrome.

Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) was first identified in 1980 at the end of the forensic psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gardner. Gardner uses this term to describe the result of parents trying to program the child against the other parent combined with the denigration of the target child's own parents. Alienation of parent’s uses harsh criticism destroys the love child of targeted parent.

Recent studies show that 1 in 4 children involved in divorce undergoes Parental alienation syndrome. According to M ª Rosario Cortés, "the alienating parent is the one who has the care and uses it to brainwash children, turned it against theft parents." In most cases, this process is very delicate with custodial parents say things like "I told you some things about your father / mother ...", or that the child is sorry for" abandoning "every time you visit, or theft of parents.

Department and / or divorce can be corrosive emotional ride. To overcome Parental alienation is necessary to manage your emotional state on a regular basis. As a divorce expert Stefan Tracey said ... "Stay calm, cool and comfortable in the emotional crossfire" and asks for what you want. This means that the highway by choosing not to respond negatively or violently when provoked ... not on the hook! So how do you know if you come from your Higher Self? Well, a strong clue is if you feel that you are responding (lower self) versus the reaction (higher self) to the situation. If the response of love to yourself you will feel happier, and so is everyone around you. Remember to take a pause before responding.

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2 komentar to “Alec Baldwin's Parental Alienation Impacts”

Anonymous said... on 

I appreciate your efforts to raise the visibility of parental alienation. However, referencing Alec Baldwin's years old voicemail to his daughter is not the way to draw attention to an issue that affects countless children, parents and extended family members every year.

Alec Baldwin is a gifted actor, but continuing to bring up his voicemail just gives parental alienation critics more ammunition for them to claim that parental alienation is nothing more than an angry, out-of-control father's custody defense. In reality, mothers and father are both the alienated parent and targeted parent in equal numbers. And all alienated parents experience frustration, anger, hopelessness and depression. Mr. Baldwin's frustrations were normal. How he expressed his emotions, however, were inappropriate. For all we know, it was a one-time event. So continuing to use this behavior as an example of parental alienation is not fair to him or all the other targeted mothers and fathers dealing with these heartbreaking experiences.


mike jeffries
Author, A Family's Heartbreak: A Parent's Introduction to Parental Alienation

Anonymous said... on 

Ah yes...mike jefferies FReek of the week. PAS does not should be MORE concerned with this post mentioning pedophilia endorser the late Dr. Richard Gardner. The same doctor who would later kill himself by stabbing his own neck and heart. You guys are too much


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