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Best Kinect Games for Christmas 2011

Best Kinect games for Christmas 2011

Here are the best Kinect games for Christmas 2011; I have categorized Kinect best sports games, the best Kinect dance games, the best Kinect Family games, the best Kinect games for children and the best action game Kinect.
Best Kinect Sports Games

Kinect Sports consis of a series of six mini-games: soccer, bowling, table tennis, volleyball, athletics and boxing, which are different from those on the Wii. It also differs in that Kinect is able to detect full-body design - focuses on 48 different locations - which is why it can give players a more realistic gaming experience and sport.

Kinect Sports 2 has just been released and introduces six new sports - tennis, golf, football, baseball, skiing and darts - with lots of tasks and activities for all to enjoy. There are three difficulty levels, from novice to master
Best dance games Kinect

Xbox Kinect Dance Central 2 is the eagerly awaited sequel to Dance Central, which was in the top 3 games Kinect. Dance Central 2 extends the fun and excitement of Dance Central, the introduction of new features and better ways sure to get any party.

Looking at Dance Central 2 reviews of the game reached the top 10 games Kinect for 2011 already.

Best game Kinect family

Children of Eden was just released and it seems that one of the best games Kinect for 2011. This game will have your imagination to life with fascinating visual and sound effects, great level design, continuous control, and a catchy soundtrack techno-pop form of solidarity Baby Eden raises to fame.

Children of Eden story is set in a remote, but the near future, which is achieved space travel and the Internet are called "Eden". The first child born in space, Lumi, stored in the archives of Eden. A few centuries later, scientists are trying to recover from their Lumi record in Eden, their horror, Eden damaged (futuristic spyware ads?). As a player you have to clean this Eden in viral entry, and save the new Lumi from destruction.
Best Kinect Games for kids

For children aged 5-12, is Kinectimals Kinect still the best games for kids, naive young Bengal tiger cocks his head and playfully peers at you. Memories of the first trip to the zoo come rushing back. Through the magic of Kinect that furry tiger is in my room and be your best friend. Aimed at children aged 5-15 years, it is 8.8 from 10 ratings

For older children there is a new game called Ringer benefit assessed as "T" for teenagers, and so both children and adults can have fun playing this game. You puppeteer amazing skeleton cowboy puppet in the hands move Ringer's favor through his adventures, as if you were actually controlling a puppet. This is an exciting game that completely surrounds you in the role of the operating undead cowboy marionette puppets.

This is a game of cowboy puppet skeletons, which makes its way Wild West with vengeance in mind. Remember what Shakespeare said something about the world's a stage? Well, in this game, you are literally on stage before an audience of people. Since then their use of precious green screen in comic Jumper, Twisted Pixel has found a clever way to jump into their game, and blurs the boundaries between the fourth wall and meditation. The result is a video game experience like no other.

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