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Bishop Eddie Long scam

Bishop Eddie Long is associated with mortgage fraud, which is now under investigation by the FBI. Matrix Capital promised to lower mortgage people for $ 1500 advance. Police say thousands of homeowners paid Matrix money, but according to investigators, most of them ended up in bankruptcy and losing their homes.

Matrix Capital frontman Fred Lee and Gary Hawkins helped scam to sell to members of the Church to the point of pitching in the middle of the sanctuary scam. Many of the victims were members of the congregation through Atlanta, including Bishop Eddie Long Church rebirth.

As stated by CBS News

Wednesday evening, rebirth, where Lee convinced church members to give him instead of their mortgages. It's where people started a process that eventually will cost many their homes.

"Where is Eddie a long time? Because we want to talk to him about why it holds such seminars on his property here," CBS reporter Wendy Saltzman asked security to rebirth.

"You must leave the property," said the policeman.

The case against Lee is now investigated by DeKalb County police and secret services.

Long would answer questions Saltzman. In a statement, said his spokesman rebirth only if Lee sitting room.

But the mega-church Pastor Gary Hawkins is much more than that.

"I think without a shadow of a doubt that this man goes to great integrity," said Hawkins in the main matrix video business.

Hawkins is the face of promotional video. It not only brought Fred Lee in his church, doing the man who would eventually be accused of stealing from his church members.

The case against Lee is now investigated by DeKalb County police and secret services.

Bishop Eddie Long's spokesman issued a statement rebirth only if the room meets Lee.

Sheila Robinson was taped promotional seminar at Voices of Faith Church, and is now one of the leading complaints of Bishop Eddie Long, Gary Hawkins and Fred Lee

She paid the price of $ 1,500, but later learned that she had trouble with his mortgage company, Matrix Capital ever since a conversation with her bank.

"They always attract people, and it is under false pretenses," said Robinson.

Robinson tried to talk to Hawkins, but he would not answer her questions, and did not want to answer tough questions, CBS Atlanta, either.

"He said that the meeting with you, but can not meet you on camera," Hawkins "Saltzman said the assistant.

After a promising off-camera reporter Wendy Saltzman meeting said the appointment, but Hawkins refused to schedule the meeting after Saltzman tried several times.

Police spoke with Hawkins, but told CBS Atlanta news was less than forthcoming with records that would show whether payments were made either in person or bishop of the Church.

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