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By North Korea News

When you look back into history to North Korea that it is a country in East Asia on the Korean peninsula parallel with South Korea. North and South Korea was divided after the fall of Imperial Japan during the Second World War and Korean War unpleasant. The Soviet Union and China expanded its influence into the northern part of Korea and the United States with an official statement to the south, which is on the same day in the U.S. However, North Korea, almost all the allies went to the Soviet Union. The last page offers North Korea the report brings all of these types of information about the country.

The Government of North Korea can be summarized that the Stalinist, communist and heavily armed dictatorship government, which carries a very powerful force on people. Leaders are seen as God's people are so naive to the world, as it makes a mistake, that knowledge of foreign affairs abroad. As regards relations between North Korea and South Korea, North Korea and South Korea has one common goal, is none other than unification. But the truth is, if this happens, they will have the greatest force of arms in the world.

Latest news about North Korea Juche government policy, which means that it aims to be completely self-sustaining without importation from abroad. North Korea also follows a very rigid and strict military policy, military-first, when military forces are more rights and a higher priority than the general population in the country.

Overall, North Korean politics, and independent and isolated from all other nations in the world, with its extraordinary military power, and authoritarian rule that makes this country a separate entity in this world. But in this modern world, a kind of political ideology and principles which this country to be as developed as South Korea. Conversely, South Korea is developing so rapidly, with a democratic government that makes all the nations of the world are turning their attention to South Korea.

Since North Korea is isolated as a kind of country is the latest updates and news about this country, provided through the many online resources. All kinds of new to education, jobs, other civil and criminal matters, the current government and its purpose is all this information to profit on this web site. Other than those reports, which reveal many secrets and questions about the country, is also shown that there is authentic and credible. So those sites that bring outside North Korea is at the center of attention is really valuable information for readers.

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