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Centralized authentication File (CAF) is a computer file system, which provides information about control of people who signed power of attorney, or people who have been selected on the basis of the license tax information system. When using a centralized authorization file (CAF) system, it is possible that IRS officials to get permission information in a very short time.

Tax experts have signed power of attorney to represent taxpayers for taxes by the IRS. With a view to negotiating agreements, resolving balance, and disclosure of otherwise confidential information, these experts be sent a form or forms 8821 2848th If the form is submitted, Authorization File (CAF) is assigned representative. This number is in fact a number of file that has information about what kind of power and control that the taxpayer gave the agent of the various modules on his account.

Basically, the centralized authorization file (CAF) authorized emergency records; registration records Tias, representative and documentation for taxpayers. There are three forms that are used to select a third party to represent, and are as follows:

U.S. estate tax return (Form 706).
Tax Information Authorization (Form 8821).
Powers of attorney and a representative statement (Form 2848).

How is the information in a centralized authorization file (CAF)-file?

Information is added to the Authorization File (CAF) personnel file only service CAF units.

What is the Central Authority File (CAF) will receive information about taxpayers and representatives?

The taxpayer must give power of attorney and Declaration of Representative (Form 2848) for verification and approval of the person who wants to represent him. A representative will receive copies of notices sent to taxpayers.

People who can represent taxpayers, CPA, enrolled agents and attorneys. Employees of the taxpayer, too. When the representative of the attorney, the IRS will issue Authorization File (CAF) number to them. With this number will have a representative authorized access to taxpayer information faster?

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