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Chris Paul to Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers are currently engaged in their biggest concern, both on the pitch last time Thursday afternoon. Lakers are just a little ... went into a very big way. It was reported that Chris Paul is now Los Angeles Lakers. As mentioned this allows the Lakers to drastically improve their position as the greatest distress. Point guard. Lakers go from likely 30th ranked starting point is probably the # 1 position on the point guard position. Derek Fisher and Steve Blake combined will not deliver the title. I'm still a nightmare JJ Barea rock Lakers defense, because they were swept by the Dallas Mavericks last year. League's best all-round defender would step in immediately, so the Lakers All-Star guards Kobe Bryant life easier. Also the image inside the game, which will be developed with Bynum.

This is the ideal situation for Chris Paul. He goes to the main market gets All-Star teammates Kobe Bryant and Elite teammate Andrew Bynum in the year when healthy. He should be able to compete for the title immediately. He also has a special ownership group that will do its utmost to ensure that compete for the title every season ... not just this season.

Kobe Bryant seems to enjoy trading. Chris Paul Kobe longer career. It requires much needed pressure on Kobe. Assists Kobe climb ever score charts and Chris may have a lot on the course directors. If Kobe does not play so many minutes in the regular season, it may be fresh playoffs. But most important for Kobe, Chris Paul trade gets him closer to his sixth ring, and it makes the Lakers serious candidates for the next 3-4 years.

But everything in life, you do not get something for nothing. In this case, Chris Paul to give the Lakers Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. These are two players who will be missed. But with trade, it seems the Lakers would be better, even if Pau and Lamar off. If the Lakers stand pat with this lineup, it becomes important that Andrew Bynum continues to develop and hopefully stay healthy.

As a fan of the Los Angeles Laker I wait to see the new look Lakers. I can not wait to see Chris Paul dominating point guard position. It's been a long time ago; the Lakers had the defenders of this caliber. Too long.

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