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Everybody's Talkin' Bout Blagojevich

(Now indicted) Gov. Blagojevich is involved in the production of subtitles month. The entire country of Blagojevich is a superficial politician, though he was proven guilty and the accused, who still insists that he did anything wrong, and give speeches just about anyone who would listen to convince them that innocent bystanders, victims ... real people.

So what exactly Blagojevich is accused of? Well there is a charge that he tried to sell Senate seat (now) President Barack Obama is empty. He is also accused of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud and demand bribes.

Although it seems clear that most of it is superficial politician, succeeded to the story. He is the first governor in American history to be indicted. And boy was accused Hello: Illinois House of Representatives voted him out of office in a vote of 114 to 1, it seems that besides no one wanted the guy to his office.

Blagojevich had great support from residents in Chicago, as well as residents of the state as he signed into law a fantastic range of reform legislation from the Illinois state capital punishment laws, to implement a comprehensive ban on smoking nationwide to find health care for children. His election platform spending vilified his opponent, but he apparently did not bother to make a decent amount of spending he once was in the office.

Perhaps most ironic for a man who was indicted for it was unethical work ethics reforms.

To be honest, his entire defense feels like a joke. He missed the first few days after his court appearance in the media, and now says that was never given a fair trial at all because he was not allowed to call witnesses or challenge one of the piles of evidence introduced against him.

In the last few months have been filled with irony, for the people of Chicago because they were forced to follow their state's governor went through everything. He was indicted. He denied. He was proved. He still denied. Even sworn in the State Congress, which would be responsible for deciding whether to remove him from office!

Impeachment trial is still ongoing, but one thing is certain: It's certainly an exciting time for Illinois and Chicago politics. Chicago residents are known for many things but none of them really proud of corruption and scandals that seem to plague the political scene. It's certainly not as interesting local politics, when someone brought up to the test and then flashes media to convince people of his innocence even after he is proven without doubt to be guilty.

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