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Existing Situation of Training in the Travel Market

Often associated with a pleasant, tourism is a very important industry on their own. It may be unrivaled in terms of number of sectors covered, for example, hotels, travel agencies, airlines, transport, attractions, restaurants, shops, spa, conferences and so forth. The truth is that it is primarily a variety of industries, with an emphasis on natural originality industry - multi-component dynamic visitor experience. It also means that chasing experience is more typical to create. Construction of tourism as an industry is a vital and effective and has a long reach of Industrial Engineering is expected.

The tourism industry is very grown in the past few decades, and it was crucial to the economies of many nations. There is, therefore, that the world's largest export industry, and a unique tool for economic development and social integration for marketing and global understanding. Over the years, its importance as the various contributions to improving the balance of payments and start developing business opportunities, job creation, environmental protection and regrowth for the economic penetration of good things about the weaker sections of society continue to grow strongly.

Today's travel market is becoming much more competitive. Amateur stage from travel agency clients is long gone. During the last 2 years, travel agencies have changed their pattern and structure to meet major challenges in the global tourism market. So in this volatile business environment, the Agency is successful, will change to meet competitive risks and opportunities to supplement the requirements of a brand new travel market, and can bring versatility, creativity, innovation, dedication and professionalism in its procedures.

Travel agencies have tourism professionals are concentrated in various operational and managerial functions - planning the trip itinerary and places, travel information, reservations and ticketing, destination advice, marketing and advertising, finance and accounting, conferences and congresses, visas and travel insurance exchange services, etc. Therefore, firms hire policy is not only to focus on operational excellence, but on the attitudes and approaches which meet their corporate goals and culture. Unfortunately, staff turnover is very full of tourist industry - especially in travel agencies and tourism businesses.

Our tourist program gives you instructions that you can use in most aspects of tourism, and is a pioneer in its field. Students study a range of subjects from tourism basic measures of business management courses. Some good examples include: Niche tourism, the cruise industry, the Organization for Development and Planning, Travel Act, and the world of sustainable tourism, business, world geography and travel marketing. This program also includes extensive computer training with industry-related software and personal computers. The second year offers options such as: the ability to organize and enjoy traveling around the world, destination entertainment, flights worldwide distribution technologies and participate in our program.

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