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Jesse James Got a Tiger Woods By the Tail

Fury is a bit cool and hypocritical outrage stopped, but still there are whispers about the reports and other outputs that seem to care more about him than the general public. This is the "story" about "love affairs, and Jesse James" Tiger Woods, the former husband of media darling Sandra Bullock, his infidelity. Why are these stories were always news, I bet he could not why, but the story according to feed not only for the tabloids, but the regular news stations, which had apparently throughout the day reports of any change in the situation or status updates as they become available. Apparently someone thought it was a big news story for Never let the (mostly about Tiger Woods), where everyone tried to jump on the bandwagon and give the media spin on it. Howard Stern even invited to the ex-Tiger "beauty" pageant on his show, which is typical for a taste of Howard Stern humor, but more "legitimate" news, what is their excuse? Now, because of "the message" stories that were really little more than domestic issues, both Tiger Woods and Jesse James are looking for the dissolution of their marriage. They say they have no one to blame but themselves? Maybe, but I really feel that the media are guilty of more than one of them, if the names for themselves a personal matter that would not have made six hours in the evening news in their home cities, much less world news.

Tiger Woods is recognized as a true master of golf. It is best to do it and probably the best thing that ever will be in it. He does things on a golf course only Dr. J could do on the basketball court. He is the Michael Jordan of the green and one of his best records on the links. Full of natural talent, it also put a lot of hard work into learning the art and endured a lot of indignity to the point where he is so highly valued and well paid for his efforts. These are things we know about Tiger Woods, and these are just things that we should know about Tiger Woods. Yes, it's bad that he ran after his wife, but attention from the ladies, is one of the advantages of fame! It has been for centuries, where men (and women) with high respect and position should choose from the litter. Women to them, because everyone loves a winner and sometimes spend a little time with them is the only way they can get close to the size that these men inspire and achieve. I'm not saying its right; I'm just saying that it is so. What do you think that many other players are doing the same? Hockey players? Fighter pilots? Pro-wrestlers? If one do not go to these events, and even polo matches, it is never a shortage of women and men who are here with one specific purpose in mind to meet their heroes and can not do for them what is going to put them on the inside side of their world. So why are kicking around the Tiger?

Jesse James is a talented builder of choppers and bikes and built his career around his talent for making bicycles. I used to watch his show on the West Coast Choppers, and I must admit that although I was never very interested in bikes, I bought one of his bikes, if I could afford. Tattooed stocky man and well spoken on workers' warrior like himself, he did his show as big a hit as his bike shop. Self-made man so handsome and successful, of course, gained the attention of ladies. How to neither meet them with any crime nor for the people, go on dating sites everyday looking for potential lovers and it's not that maligned in the press. And many of them do in a marriage too! But unlike Tiger Woods, the problem with Jesse, he was married to Sandra Bullock darling of America. Of course, it would have no urge to cheat, it was lucky that the problem of "America's Sweetheart." Now I do not mean any harm because Sandra is one of my favorite stars in Hollywood, but Sandra is just another woman. Yeah, that’s great movies and earns more than many small states, in order, but like everyone else, once it has experienced, even if you can not beat a new experience. Hey, I'm not trying to be cruel; I just say how it is. So much so, that Jesse does not love her I'm sure that he wanted a new experience. It is hard for women to understand, but as Jean Simmons of KISS says, women have this dream of a man who does not exist. Someone who loves the just and above all other desires, but nobody to them. If these people exist on Mars, you will not find here on earth.

Well everyone knows that they are Tiger Woods in this sex addiction clinic is trying to save his marriage, and apparently in vain for the entire media world (the public really cares) shouts at the divorce Elin and Tiger has it got divorce lawyer to mount him and Tiger found, too. Jesse James was in the same kind of clinic, but Sandra told him to continue with his life for nothing stopped her from filing for divorce. At least be honest. Now I have to justify their actions and condemn them. I still believe, even though it might fare better if the media was not dipping into the company, which was not theirs. It was among these individuals whold world to judge, it is between these individuals and these people! Nobody else should be in the making! Now, thanks to its continuous interference in two power couples are breaking their families and children in their care, they are again ready for a full family and home. It's really a shame that these people could possibly have repaired their fractured relationship, but now they are on their way to the separation, while those pointing the finger hypcrites sit in the judgment of their actions. You know, I can not wait until someone decides to develop the truth about the lives of those sitting condemning Tiger and Jesse for their actions. I bet if we look closely into their lives, we find some of the same things and maybe even some real skeletons! Their day is coming and I wonder what they say when their families along with the rest of the world is privy to what really makes this "business" trip from the city. I once worked in the hotel, so I know what they are doing. And sure, one day, their business will be in the street too!

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