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Kim Il-sung died at 08:40 Saturday

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, who ruled in the isolated communist country since 1994, died at the age of 69, the official news agency reported on Monday.

Kim, who came to power after the death of his father and founder of the nation, Kim Il-sung died at 08:40 Saturday "of great mental and physical exertion," the official Korean Central News Agency reported. The report says that died in a train journey.

Office of the White House spokesman issued a statement that the Obama administration was "closely monitored" Reports of the death of Kim.

"The president has been informed and we are in close contact with our allies in South Korea and Japan," the statement said. "We try to stability on the Korean peninsula and to liberty and security of our allies."

In response to the publication of the death of Kim said South Korean military emergency alarm, the Korean Times.

China's Xinhua news agency KCNA quoted as saying Kim, who received medical care for their heart and cerebrovascular disease after a long time, a little "advanced acute myocardial infarction complicated with severe cardiac shock," the train.

The report says that all kinds of first aid were given, but it failed to save the life of Kim. The report says that an autopsy Sunday "fully confirmed the diagnosis of his illness."

Kim said Heath was ill because of their apparent stroke in 2008.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency announcer woman dressed in black mourning dress, also announced that Kim's death on state television.

According to North Korea's Kim regime ambitious nuclear weapons program, this brought severe international sanctions against the impoverished country. Six countries, negotiations on nuclear disarmament of North Korea have stopped for the last three years after he left Pyongyang after its second nuclear test and missile tests.

KCNA reported Kim's funeral was set for December 28 Yonhap reported.

State television said Kim died because of "overtime" after ", dedicated his life to the people."

CNN reported have been reported recently by Kim and health of his son Kim Jong UN, who is preparing as his successor.

Yonhap reported South Korea has put all its military units on emergency alert after news of the death of Kim.

Country Joint Chiefs of Staff has called an emergency meeting of officials dealing with crisis management and operation, and that monitoring along the border with South Korea-US combined forces command.

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