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Laundry Evolution

It's something most of us would probably rather forget - its part of the daily grind, strenuous housework, a considerable time to lose.

It's underwear.

Of course, while many of us cringe at the mere mention of the word, it is worth considering how easy it has become a task. Despite our continuing lament and resistance to do what was right laundry automated process - where we largely set it and forget it.

Laundry time

Next time you're ready to load laundry, sorting by color and white, with comfort in the fact that you do not have to go through what your great-grandmother that she was doing laundry.

- Prehistoric times - best to keep your nose. In prehistoric times, soap, out of the question. The only way to stay clean when it came to bathe or wash clothes had to dive into the ocean, lake or other available water quantity.

- During the Renaissance - a former civilization was based on (and cleanliness became a part of social decency) of the original traditional washing methods were quite involved. Clothes were soaked, boiled, beaten, friction, rinsed and wrung out, and then dried on the line. Scrub the deck was introduced in 1797 to help remove stains, but it was a time consuming task. Generally, households mostly just to "Grand Wash" twice a year.

- 1800 - Powered by First Hand washing machines appeared. James King was the first to introduce the washing machine with tub and drum, which resembles many of today's top loader machine design. King of the machine was powered by hand, and first appeared around the 1851st in 1858 a man named Hamilton Smith to present the first rotating machine.

- 1900 - in the early 1900s, we began to see the production and manufacture of hand-Powered machine. Within a year after their introduction, replaced electric motors deal soon followed by the first electric dryers. These machines still required the operator to manually add soap and switch between wash, rinse and spin cycles. It was not until 1950 that the machines were automatically and you can set it and forget it.

- Today - in the new century, there have been a number of other improvements to simplify the process of washing. Front loading washing machine rental and sales are growing rapidly as consumers become more conscious of saving water. Meanwhile, a number of innovations in laundry products including detergent enzymes and the possibility of a single dose capsules that dissolve in water.

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