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Multiple Universes Views

The concept of multiple universes, also known as the multiverse can be dated back to as late as 1954, when a young graduate student at Princeton University named Hugh Everett III, suggested that parallel universes exist. This theory suggests that there are other universes, which are branched from each other and our branched from another universe. In these other universes, the results are very different things than what we experienced. The wars ended differently, animals that are extinct here, is elsewhere, in some universes, we are extinct. Multiverses have studied many philosophers and scientists, as well as in cosmology, physics, astronomy and religion. This concept is very popular in science fiction and fantasy books.

Philosophers are concerned with "bifurcation points", which means that the decisions we make in our present universe is made of conscious beings, and when we decide, in effect divides and becomes separated, but we will continue in the second space with the opposite decision from one that was made. A variation is when we create our own reality. Once we have hopes and dreams, which are manifested as well, we tend to abandon them and start a new dream. Philosophers are beginning to think that when we give up your dreams here, "we" in the universe continue to dream, while it is true. All you have to decide is what happens when you give up. We should create a large gap in our lives of others, or should we continue as usual and get twice the success?

While some people to conclude that the possibility of multiple universes, it's just a theory, collect data from NASA's WMAP satellite, they believe, offers evidence. This satellite has collected information on the area to help scientists learn more about our own galaxy. But what they found was invalid in the constellation Eridanus, which is about 10,000 times the size of our galaxy, but without the stars, dust, mist or other materials that we are. The researchers concluded that this large difference is proof that it is necessary to confirm that there might be another universe parallel to ours. Further research should be done only to confirm or disprove the existence of another world, but quantum physics at the University of California, successfully completed the test, leading them to believe that time travel is possible. They believe they have found in several states mode, which increases the likelihood that the object in front of them can co-exist in a parallel universe.

Whether you believe in the theory or not, it is interesting to think that the decisions we make in our reality, it can affect not only us, but may include galaxies and the impact of alternate version of yourself. That if we are unable to express our wishes and desires in this world, we can do it in another, without knowing it.

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