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So what the hell is Pint Rest? All the women I know are obsessed with, and use it all the time. I thought that opening Pint Rest rehabilitation classes take advantage of the new social media addiction, because women spend more than Facebook. Strange, no?

When I first had Pint Residual explained to me it sounded to me as an online haven for women. When I actually got it's what I learned.

Basically Pint Rest (from what I know) is just a place where you can find exciting things that are right for you, and the page will pull up interesting images related to this category. For example, my friend (who is in advertising major to me) style as one of its categories of interest. Pint Rest interesting typographic design pictures for her "pin" to your list of interests.

Apparently you can also share pictures, which I pinned Pint Rest with other users. After looking at the website I decided to channel his inner feminine instincts and reconnect.

After about 24 hours of sheer anticipation I received an email from Pint Residual say that I was accepted into their secret society online. I let my readers know, I love cooking and travel, so when I saw thousands of pictures of what looked like a tasty dish and place, I would like to visit, I was hooked. Do not get me wrong Pint Remaining defiant piece of heaven on earth for women, but men have it too.

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