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Ray Williams Johnson Wiki - Who is Ray Williams Johnson

Ray William Johnson is a young 24-year-old online comic and video blogger. He was popular and known for its rapid rise to popularity of YouTube-based web show = 3 (equal to three). The show takes place twice a week and is largely popular YouTube. Show began broadcasting in last year (April 2009) and quickly became the top-subscribed YouTube superstar. At present, the character # two Youtube of this page. At the peak of his success, began vlog channel is called Breach of NYC, funny annotation of their daily lives.

You must have several characteristics / qualifications, must be regarded as the original YouTube. Being productive, have a large audience, and as we said, be original. Recently, several people have expressed that Ray William Johnson does not fit into the "YouTube profile", with his popular show "Euqals three".

Its primary niche examines viral videos. Ray William Johnson is known for popularizing science / starts the infamous "Internet memes". He popularized the funny expressions like "Squaids" and "Doin Your Mom." The most memorable meme is "false and gay," which refers to the internet trolls.

His most famous memes:

They are accepted
Stalkin 'your mom
Your father is an alcoholic
You Trollino "
2 camels in a small car
Epic face of Epic Face Jizz in my pants
Is your mother
What happens forum
You have no Pancake Mix
Shut up troll
I am an evil demon, worms, and baby I'm so offended
Cutest furry bastard EVAR
Keed I Keed
I am Ray William Johnson, and I approve this message
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