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Veena Malik

hollywood actress Veena Malik and expertise was born on 26 February in Rawalpindi. Veena has a strong family background, her father, a retired army officer. Veena's mother is a housewife. He has four sisters and one brother. Her two older sisters go through life in a blessed marriage and Big Sister is Associate Professor Abdur Qadeer College, Rawalpindi. Her younger brother is doing LLB and two younger sisters are also studying an MBA and the other in MBBS Veena Malik enjoys spending time with family, especially her feel very comfortable with his brother. Veena is fortunate that, before you jump showbiz had ample opportunity to present a relatively high training heroine. She was a very promising student who always better in his studies and in collaboration with curriculum activities such as, Qirat, NAAT and English / Urdu debate. She folded the middle and passing

(Sociology, Psychology and Persian) from F.G. College Rawalpindi. She is like the wind! She is here, there and everywhere. Moving through a series of glossies, and she stares you straight in the eye! Adorned in some file or other tempting Designer - lures you deep, beautiful eyes with her. Or turn on the TV and there it is wrapped in the garb of a different character each time. Never thought it beautiful that the model, a popular actor, as the years would gradually continue. After being discovered by a photographer for easy shooting in a magazine Veena driven to the forefront of his first film, television and games. "Lake" was her first drama series to it due recognition. Being active in life, she was not afraid to face the camera, but won applause from the crew to its first frame. She received an invitation from renowned photographer Khawar Riaz for commercial filming in Bangkok, which she was paid 80,000 rupees. In nature was kind to her, it was Lollywood's famous artist cum director Javed Sheikh, who offered her role in "Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua". The film turned blockbuster and paved the way for Veena in Lollywood. Displaying Veena amazing performance Ajab Gul chose her and threw the lead role in "Kyun Tum Say itnas PyAr Hello". Veena accepted the challenge and it has paid maximum attention to performance, which eventually brought her into the category. Its popularity has touched at the height where the Geo parody show 'Hum Sab Umeed say Hain "appeared in various forms. The experiment proved a huge success and since then no looking back for the conduct of projects still appeared one after another. Shahzad Rafiq's blockbuster" Mohbatan Sachian "emerged as a landmark in the career of Veena, he worked solo heroine. played the way he won at various locations at home and abroad. Therefore, many other projects, the forward threshold. She also worked in the work of production UAE" Wapsi "and an Indian Punjabi film Pindi di Kuri '. This is the series / TV program: Miss Fit Zindgi ,Set Suhagan Chairman GUP Shup * Box Office has been awarded the highest price of the LUX Style Awards and was named "Best female celebrity.

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By the way Malik has worked as a representative at the World Health Organization for two years. She also sponsors a child at the SOS Children's Village, an NGO based in Pakistan working with orphaned children. writing service research paper


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