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Why I Believe in Psychics

I believe in the spiritual. I think you probably understand that the title of this article. But the truth is that I was not always the "new age nut." (Nick many of my friends and family call me when they think that I was not aware)

I started as a great skeptic. Actually, I was a man most people would turn to when they need paranormal uncovered claim.

You see, as a writer and researcher and explorer of all things magical, mystical, mysterious and unknown..... I looked at some of the many so-called "cases" that "prove" all sorts of unusual things that I was tired of being persecuted. Almost every time I found out..... Logical explanation that those who reported the matter. (And if yes .... have deliberately chosen to share in advance)

I have come that all the clergy, media, ghosts and things like style was all a big scam.

One day..... Everything began to change.

Firstly, I had a bizarre experience in the middle of the night where I was raised by an employee stood at the foot of my bed.... bathed in a strange, golden light. He stood there and waved.... and then slowly disappeared. (I've also heard the phrase: "I came to say goodbye" clearly in mind, but he never moved his lips, and say out loud that I could tell)

Of course..... Next morning we got a surprise call at the office, we know that he loves a friend and colleague, died last night in his sleep, the brain aneurysm.

So - about a month later, I had a chance encounter with a psychic medium that told me about this experience, and included the details I've never been anyone in the world. (Including hear a voice in my head telepathically to say goodbye) The media, who worked on the phone and never met me personally, also told me about my relationship with this fellow that nobody knew the world, and even things I do not know myself. (But checked out to be true when I got home and looked in the accounts)

These two experiences changed me. And in profound ways. And whatever you think now that I think had happened to you that will change that too!

I started the initiative to conduct the study of spirituality, media and documentation of the "afterlife" that I once looked at the stupid.

Psychiatric treatments
Near death experiences
ADC's (after death communication ... which is the scientific term for "ghost")
Astral Travel and OBE's
Memories of past lives
ERA (or people who hear the electronic messages, which sounds remarkably like the loved ones who have passed)

And of course I study mental media of all types, including acquisition value, or to see many famous celebrities and the media, which is known names and known worldwide.

What I began to believe it is very simple.

Most of the spiritual is not so impressive. And what are supernatural experiences are not so difficult to explain.

But 10-20% of all mental experience can not be explained away as a lucky coincidence or fraud. And when you have real experience with a legitimate mental or psychic medium, changes in world view in a way that is exciting, liberating and incredibly eye-opening more.

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